Sunday, January 13, 2013

Jan 7 to 13

61. Arising early and spending time in the Word
62. Staying on a schedule this morning
63. Starting school by 8am!
64. Having children ready and eager to learn
65. Jamey wanting to read
66. Lillian wanting to read
67. Jamey wanting to write
68. Reuben almost walking (up to about 50% of the time)
69. Gabriel growing
70. Reuben saying Hi and waving
71. Getting errand done in an hour
72. All 4 kids napping for 2 hours at the same time
73. Getting to Journal
74. Writing!!!!!
75. Blogging
76. Rising early with stamina
77. Playgroup
78. Meeting new moms and reconnecting with others after the holiday season
79. Fellowship
80. Starbucks with Dawn
81. Sisterhood
82. Getting to take the kids to the pool
83. Lillian sort of trying to swim
84. Reuben chilling in the water
85. Date night with Jim!
86. Indian food and frozen yogurt
87. Gabriel mostly cooperating while out
88. Gabriel liking the Ergo
89. Seeing Jamey learn so much so fast
90. Trying out BSF! (excited to see what all God will teach me through this)
91. Meeting new people
92. More time to write
93. Member meeting
94. Getting to talk to many Brothers and Sisters
95. Gabriel participating in member meeting
96. Free childcare
97. Yummy food
98. Having Becca to help rally the troops in chaotic situations
99. Quiet moments
100. Bible reading
101. Being able to get up early after little sleep
102. Seeing Jamey read his first word by himself
103. Jamey loving on Gabriel and wanting to hold him
104. Jamey and Lillian learning to share and work together
105. Reading to all my kids at the same time
106. Lillian asking me to read "Excellent Wife" and handing me the Bible turned to Proverbs 31
107. Hearing Jamey say Psalm 23:1-4a with little help and God preparing a "coffee table"
108. Getting 4 days of school completed this week
109. MOMSTogether
110. Sisterhood
111. Having conversations with people in the waiting room of the Doctor's office
112. The Lord removing fear
113. Learning about JOY
114. Being encouraged by others
115. LOTS of free E-books
116. A nice relaxing day at home
117. Getting some organizing done
118. Writing a little
119. Bible Study
120. Playing as a family
121. Reuben giving Gabriel kisses!!!! (HUGE blessing)
122. Gabriel becoming more alert
123. Visiting Erin and Amir and seeing Amir doing well
124. Watching the Falcons win a post-season game
125. Being reminded we are created to enjoy a life with God
126. Finding a great deal on the high efficiency light bulbs
127. Getting an overall plan together for the week
128. Having a daily schedule thought out for Monday
129. Seeking how to enjoy life with God
130. Being able to take everything to God

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