Wednesday, January 30, 2013

One Of Those Days

You know those days I am talking about. Those days when you expected things to go one way and they went completely another leaving your mind in the wind. My day, for all intensive purposes, started about 3:45 this morning. Gabriel got up to eat and I had barely drifted back to sleep when driving rain and tornado sirens woke me up. I ran to check the news and there was a severe storm headed right to us. So I stayed up wondering if we were going to need to grab kids and head to the cellar until the heart of the storm passed us. I lied back down at 4:45 and was starting to go back to sleep when Jamey and Lillian woke up for the day.
It wasn't worth the fight. I got up and took them to the living room so they would not wake Reuben. The plus side is I did my Bible reading and journal as did the kids. We ate some breakfast and I had to lie back down. I ended up falling asleep on the sofa for far longer than I meant to and did not get back up until after 8am. I started my SWI class this morning so I had planned to do several things this morning, but needless to say, they did not get done.
The highlight of my day was spending about 20 minutes with Reuben talking and playing while Jim did school with J and L. It was so precious to work with him one on one. It does not happen often and he is the one that gets left out inadvertently much of the time. So I am grateful for that.
My class was great and I'm excited to learn more about prayer as I take Lessons in Prayer with Mrs. Allison and Mrs. Ware. I will share more about this another time.
After class was lunch. Jim got ready and went to work while I put Lillian and Reuben down for nap and put a movie on for Jamey while I lied down. I set an alarm for an hour later. My alarm did not go off as somehow my phone had been turned on silent. And when I woke up my glasses were broken! I still have not figured out how it happened, but some how Jamey bent and broke my glasses and lost one of my lenses (which I eventually did find). I was furious. Why had he even played with them? I don't even know that he knows. I could not get an answer, but we were both crying and Gabriel needed to eat. It was a mess. The rest of the evening I fought losing my temper and reacting to everything. I know they are just glasses and can be replaced, but right now is not the best time to be replacing glasses for me. I don't even know when I can get to the eye doctor. So now I'm reliant on contacts and I really can't sleep in them. This makes it tricky until I figure out how to fix them or get a new pair.
I'm still frustrated but at least going to a class on prayer today has helped me to pray. God has been reminding me that He is good, my kids are a gift and He will use all things to sanctify me. Today I don't like the sanctification process. I am fighting it. The flesh and the Spirit are battling. But I know the Spirit will win because that is what I want.

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