Sunday, March 3, 2013

Feb 25 to March 3

626. Gabriel sleeping 8 hours 2 nights in a row
627. Lillian getting in our bed without waking me up
628. Getting more sleep
629. Great coupons for groceries
630. Dawn giving me tennis shoes that fit!
631. All the kids napping
632. Getting some reading done
633. Gabriel sleeping 12 hours!
634. Lillian staying in her own bed
635. Playgroup
636. Making taco chili
637. All kids eating well
638. Enjoying eating together
639. Having conversations as a family
640. Getting to running errands with Lillian
641. God rewarding honesty
642. God giving opportunities to make His Name and Ways known
643. Rain
644. Finding out this is Jim's last week before beginning weekends!
645. Meeting other Sojourners in Shelby Park
646. Learning more about the Urban experience
647. Seeing God move through Sojourn in our neighborhoods
648. Connecting with some people I have been wanting to connect with for 2 years!
649. More people interested in learning about women's prayer
650. Learning more about a sister's story
651. Going to bed early
652. Gabriel sleeping 12 hours again!
653. Having time to pray and read this morning
654. Getting school and Russian done before class
655. Having some extra time alone at school before class started this morning
656. Being surrounded by many amazing women of prayer
657. Being reminded that God wants us to ask Him for things
658. Being reminded that many things are working against us praying, but God gives us the ability to overcome those obstacles and bring our requests to Him
659. Being reminded that I need to pray over everything!
660. Being completely dependent on God
661. Knowing I can boldly ask God for things because of what Christ has done for me
662. God giving me more opportunities to help others with knowledge He has helped me to obtain
663. Getting home at a reasonable time
664. Discovering that only by God's grace can I even hope to get back to wear I was organizationally 3 weeks ago
665. Being reminded my kids are more important than housework and organizing
666. Gabriel smiling and laughing at me
667. Reuben snuggling
668. Having J, L and Reu all in my lap at the same time in our recliner
669. My kids wanting to sit with me and talk, draw or watch movies
670. Getting to read a bit more
671. Getting to journal
672. Lots of swagbucks so I could get another giftcard
673. Jamey and Lillian being to memorize "Excellent Wife" as they call it (Proverbs 31 woman)
674. 3 older kids asleep by 7 without fuss
675. Having a little snuggle time with Gabriel before bed
676. Having a hearty breakfast
677. Becca making breakfast
678. Getting to pray and read this morning
679. Being encouraged by the pediatrician
680. Jamey barely flinching when he got his vaccines
681. Jamey smiling and talking about the needles and band-aids
682. Being greeted by the other kids when we got home
683. Jamey eating very well at lunch
684. Laughing as a family
685. Jim and Jamey putting the compost bin together!
686. Getting some one on one school time with Lillian
687. Reuben being really interested in Russian
688. The kids loving popcorn shrimp
689. Going to water aerobics
690. Fun conversation
691. HOT TUBS!!!!! (seriously could sit in these all day on these cold days)
692. Learning about an organization that has people in Moldova!
693. Learning more about IMB and NAMB
694. Getting my schedule for seminar Saturday
695. Talking about modesty with other ladies teaching their kids the same things
696. Seeing people I have not seen in awhile
697. Kids going to sleep early
698. God always teaching me
699. Getting to write some
700. Blogging
701. Jamey sleeping until 7
702. Gabriel sleeping all night
703. Lillian sleeping until 8:30!
704. Women's prayer with Erin and Becca
705. Kids running around and playing together
706. Teaching kids in community
707. Great lunch with the family
708. Nice afternoon
709. Kids laughing together
710. Learning more about World Team
711. Hearing about exciting things going on around the world
712. Reuben lying next to Gabriel
713. Reuben giving Gabriel kisses
714. Snuggling with my kids
715. Jamey asking to read "Excellent Wife"
716. Hearing my kids say Scripture
717. Lillian walking around saying Bible verses all day
718. Jamey figuring out more words all the time
719. Kids going to bed easily
720. Having great encouraging conversation with Becca
721. God helping me get my priorities back on track
722. Learning how to use the Gospel for everyday life and help others in it
723. Playing catch with J, L and Reu
724. Laughing and having fun with my kids
725. The kids wanting to be more active
726. Amazon gift cards! (Almost have enough to get the book I want)
727. Getting some organizing done in notebooks
728. Listening to Jamey and Lillian act out their math video
729. Writing group!
730. Sisters who are so encouraging
731. Meeting to discuss writing but remembering that prayer is the most important
732. Finding out Pastor Nathan is showing improvement after 1 week of chemo!
733. Hearing Sarah's heart
734. Playing with my kids
735. Getting our compost bin going for the garden
736. Jamey wanting to help in the garden and asking to work in it
737. Playing Candy Land with the kids
738. Snuggling with Lillian and Reuben during family movie time
739. Lillian falling asleep on me
740. Waking up a little earlier than expected
741. Cinnamon Rolls for breakfast!
742. Going to Sojourn's J-town campus
743. Hearing Greg and Dawn's testimony
744. Being present for Greg and Dawn's commissioning service
745. Meeting more women who desire to pray
746. Meeting more workers
747. Eating at Burger King for less than $10
748. Watching Jim and Jamey work together in the yard
749. Getting 3 meals planned for every day this week!
750. Snuggling with the kids
751. Getting the March calendar written out
752. Talking through some ideas with Jim
753. Communication
754. Ice cream and cookies
755. Going to bed early

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