Sunday, March 17, 2013

March 11 to 17

871. Jamey sleeping until 6:30!
872. Oatmeal for breakfast (this is becoming my new favorite thing)
873. Good time for school this morning
874. Not being rushed
875. Being able to catch up
876. Employing some new ideas to help with restlessness during school
877. Reuben participating more in school
878. Jamey remembering our verse from last week without being prompted
879. Reuben taking part in the Russian lesson
880. Jim going to the grocery store today
881. Learning more consistency
882. Talking some about schedule with Jim
883. Thinking through tomorrow
884. All kids napping this afternoon!
885. Having some great one on one time with Reuben!
886. Doing Bible reading time at the table (Helps with the wiggles!)
887. Playing with the 3 older kids at the same time
888. Doing Ring Around the Rosies
889. Playing catch
890. Taking some "3 Month" pictures of Gabriel
891. Gabriel fitting in the boys Dedication outfit
892. Reading 2 chapters of the first Boxcar Children book
893. Lillian sitting in my lap to listen
894. Jamey paying attention and asking questions
895. Jim getting an extra 4 hours tonight
896. Kids going down easy tonight
897. Working on my blog post
898. The Holy Spirit helping me to stay focused on my priorities when needed
899. Overcoming temptation
900. Having a Savior who Reigns
901. Waking mostly refreshed at 6 am
902. Becca making a great breakfast early so we could leave on time
903. Going to the airport to see our friends off to India
904. Phinehas yelling "There's Jamey!" when he saw us  coming
905. Giving hugs one last time for a few years
906. Being able to comfort Mrs. Carlson
907. Mr. and Mrs. Carlson offering us some free furniture! (can't wait to find a time to get it)
908. Jamey and Phinehas giving hugs, kisses and saying "I love you" (I cannot believe they will be 7 and 5 when Phinehas comes back)
909. Not being an emotional basket case when they left
910. Being reminded that God is over all of us and that no matter what comes we will see our friends again
911. Getting Dunkin' Donuts for free!
912. Having some time to read and journal while the kids played on the playground
913. Going on a date with Jim to the Grape Leaf (YAY for Groupons!)
914. Being able to talk through some of the adjustments we will need to make with the new schedule
915. Talking through schooling plans for the next year
916. Reuben doing well at his 18 month appointment (I cannot believe he is already 18 months old!)
917. Reuben's smiles and giggles
918. Getting dinner together and all eating together
919. The whole family going to CG together
920. Meeting new people at community group
921. Having girl time at community group
922. Sisters willing to share their hearts and seek accountability and encouragement
923. Being able to encourage others
924. Even with a filled day, having a great day!
925. Gabriel rolling from front to back
926. Jamey being very affectionate
927. Jamey asking to hold Gabriel and giving him hugs and kisses regularly
928. Reuben beginning to love on Gabriel
929. Lillian quoting scripture on a regular basis
930. Getting up and going with less sleep than I had hoped
931. Getting to BSF on time
932. Having fellowship time my first week back to BSF
933. Meeting a lady who was a nurse and has been to Romania
934. Meeting many women who are excited about studying Scripture
935. Being so readily welcomed by a diverse group of women
936. Learning more about God's discipline and that He disciplines those He loves
937. Remembering to be aware of what I am doing and to check everything against God's Word
938. Yummy lunch with the family
939. Talking about what the kids learned at BSF with them at lunch
940. Helping the kids to understand questions as well as ask them
941. Play time as a family
942. Great rest time
943. Taking a nap with Jamey on the sofa
944. Working on sorting clothes
945. Reuben helping me size clothes on him
946. Having a great time of family Bible reading
947. Reading more of the Boxcar Children with the kids
948. The kids growing in wanting to read more
949. Me growing in wanting to read more both to myself and to the kids
950. All of us growing together as we study the Word, memorize Scripture and talk about spiritual Truths
951. God honoring our efforts to follow His way
952. Easy bedtime
953. Finishing sorting the kids clothes and putting them away
954. Changing out Gabriel's drawer (this is kind of bittersweet as it means he has gotten that much bigger)
955. Being able to store a decent amount of milk
956. Being reminded all consistently that God is my strength and rest
957. Finally meeting Katie Magee!
958. Katie praying for me (May I increase in prayer! She is such an example)
959. Remembering when I am tired is when I need to pray the most
960. Everybody in the house sleeping until 7:30 am!!!!!
961. Yummy filling breakfast!
962. Having extra time to get caught up with our school assignments
963. Having children who want to learn more everyday
964. Doing Russian lessons
965. Jamey answering questions in Russian
966. Reuben being interested in Russian
967. Getting Becca to the airport with plenty of time to spare
968. Lillian getting to see the airport
969. Chick-fil-A!
970. Going to Water aerobics
971. God orchestrating events so I could follow His promptings
972. Having Sisters who are for God and for me and encourage me to follow His promptings
973. Learning about always thinking before speaking: You never know who your audience is
974. Amy bringing me some homeschool material that I can use with all kids at the same time
975. Being able to talk about homeschool with people
976. Meeting new sisters at SWI
977. Starting my Biblical interpretation class! (Quite excited about it)
978. Getting to talk to someone about the Creation Museum
979. Getting to borrow a Ken Ham's book about Dinosaurs for Jamey
980. Jamey getting excited about the Dinosaur book
981. More school time
982. Jim also getting some school time
983. Flexability once meals are planned
984. Being able to be flexible with meals
985. Eating Lunch together
986. Getting to read some of the Dinosaur book after lunch
987. Beautiful weather!
988. The whole family going outside together
989. Gabriel enjoying his first extended time outside
990. Reuben exploring
991. Gabriel able to sit in the excersaucer
992. Time to work on prepping for the garden
993. Lillian eager to help in the garden
994. Nice rest time for all
995. Dinner together
996. Great time of worship and fellowship as we talked about why we do community
997. Being reminded that everything we do should be for God's Kingdom and glory
998. Being reminded that we are created for community and it is a reflection of God
999. All people are made in God's image!
1000. Kids going to sleep without a fuss
1001. Waking up refreshed this morning
1002. Bagels and cream cheese
1003. More learning about community and different ways to express it
1004. Sisters and Brothers willing to help with the kids during lunch time
1005. Sisters to help me when Lillian got sick
1006. People just jumping in!
1007. A nice quiet uneventful evening
1008. Getting to sort of sleep until 9:30!
1009. Restful morning with the kids
1010. Getting Bible reading and study done
1011. Jamey and Lillian being snuggle bugs today
1012. Reuben actually sleeping until almost 9 even with noise
1013. More snow
1014. Getting shoes mostly sorted
1015. Trying out the 5 pm service
1016. Learning about God's response
1017. Being challenged by the question: Is God really enough?
1018. Remembering that we do not have all the answers and that is OK
1019. Seeing Kristyn and being encouraged by how God is providing for and blessing her family
1020. Seeing MaryBeth and meeting her daughters
1021. Seeing Erika and learning more about the Urban Experience
1022. Lillian walking around singing the Doxology
1023. Seeing Jennifer at Sojourn
1024. Lillian doing well in the service
1025. Gabriel sleeping through all of the service
1026. Relatively smooth bed time
1027. Getting an email from Dawn!
1028. Seeing Kattie back from Peru
1029. Spending very little time on the computer this week
1030. Learning to appreciate time with my family over time on media or with media

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