Sunday, March 10, 2013

March 4 to 10

756. Waking up and getting out of bed when my alarm went off
757. Praying and reading first thing in the morning
758. Kids awake and eager for the day
759. Getting school and Russian lesson completed in an hour
760. Going to the grocery alone, sticking to a list and not getting overwhelmed
761. Getting lunch ready while putting groceries away
762. Enjoying lunch together
763. Kids planning outside without complaining that it was too cold
764. Gabriel doing well with his tummy time
765. Making cookies with Jamey and Lillian
766. Growing in self discipline
767. Getting done today what needed to be done
768. Lillian saying her Bible verses throughout the day
769. Reading the Word to the kids
770. Reuben's silliness
771. Reuben giving hugs and kisses all the time and giving extra when I ask
772. Jamey learning to draw more
773. Jamey learning to spell and figure things out
774. Gabriel moving quite far on his play mat
775. Jim coming home early (YAY for transition week)
776. Early bedtime!
777. Getting up early 2 mornings in a row
778. Getting school and Russian lesson done in a timely manner
779. Being able to leave early for playgoup with all 4 kids
780. Seeing Anne and her boys
781. Buffy playing with all the kids
782. Watching the older brothers be protective
783. Going to lunch with Dawn for our last accountability time
784. Having such a great Sister and friend like Dawn
785. Being able to admit that I am sad about Dawn leaving and not qualify it
786. Making dinner with Jim while kids rested
787. Talking about the possibility of leading a CG in the near future
788. Jim making a super yummy, healthy and filling dinner
789. Water aerobics!
790. Singing These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things with the water aerobics ladies
791. Finding a hand pump when I desperately needed it
792. Going to CG without child in toe
793. Great honest conversation about suffering
794. Bonding with Shannon and Laura
795. People from CG interested in celebrating Passover!
796. Gabriel sleeping the whole time we were at CG
797. Jim being able to do school with the kids this morning
798. Getting everything done for class
799. Being encouraged by Sisters desiring to grow in prayer
800. Helping a Sister from Cameroon discover she is expecting her first child!
801. God continuing to give me opportunities to use my nursing skills to serve others
802. Coupon for Great American Cookie Company
803. Seeing God's perfect timing
804. Having family devotional time
805. Listening to Jamey and Lillian say scripture
806. Realizing my kids know the first 5 or so verses of the Proverbs 31 Woman
807. Lillian wanting to always hear "Excellent Wife"
808. Spending an evening with Jim at home
809. Officially giving up on watching our shows for the semester
810. Early bed time and lots of much needed sleep
811. Jamey asking to pray for his friends
812. Great school time
813. Jamey actively participating in Russian lessons
814. Jamey and Lillian asking to play outside even in the cold
815. Reuben learning more and talking a lot
816. Reuben signing please!
817. Kids getting more active and wanting to play
818. Constantly being reminded of my priorities
819. Nice rest time
820. Water Aerobics
821. Hot Tubs!
822. Swimming while it is snowing
823. Spontaneous singing with other ladies
824. Last night of SBC II
825. Learning more recent history of the SBC
826. Learning recent updates about the divide
827. Being surrounded by people seeking the Truth
828. Having people to talk about Homeschooling with who are more seasoned
829. Getting ideas to help Jamey continue to move forward
830. Thankful to be able to learn as I go
831. Gabriel sleeping 12 hours all week
832. Going to MOMSTogether
833. Hearing from Vicki
834. Being reminded that women were created to be warriors
835. Hearing more in depth details about the Proverbs 31 woman
836. Talking about doing some co-oping with some friends for the kids
837. Getting clothes and blankets from Dawn
838. Learning how to deal with little mistakes
834. Nice lunch as a family
835. Another great rest time
836. Getting some writing done
837. Going through clothes
838. Organizing and purging
839. Jim officially switching shifts
840. Nice evening working on things
841. Talking with Becca
842. Girls night
843. Seminar Saturday
844. Learning a lot but being reminded that everything we do should stem out of a love relationship with Jesus
845. Having a God who pursues with me with His love
846. Realizing how little I really do love Jesus and being able to admit it to Him and ask for His help
847. Talking with many people I do not get to see often
848. Meeting Jennifer who has a large family!
849. Getting ideas to help with childcare for women's prayer
850. Meeting people who are actively involved in helping those in the foster care system
851. Being able to go to God with questions about what I want to do
852. Knowing that God has a plan and He will reveal what He has in His time
853. Having a good evening with the kids after being gone all day
854. Being reminded that the kids have been given to me to raise for the Kingdom
855. Parenting is Kingdom work!
856. Getting to sleep at a decent hour
857. Lillian sleeping on the sofa with me
858. Daylight Savings! (kids slept later)
859. Going to church
860. Learning about seeking wisdom from God
861. Working on organizing more
862. Lachelle coming to hang at the house
863. Working as a family to prepare the yard for a garden
864. Watching Reuben explore outside
865. Enjoying the amazingly beautiful weather
866. Eating leftovers and cleaning out a decent amount of the fridge
867. Movie with the kids
868. Transitioning to 8pm bedtime for the kids to see if it will help them wake up at 6:30 instead of 5:30 or earlier
869. Finding Shaolin Soccer on Netflix
870. Having a huge bag of clothes to get rid of

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