Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Story Template

The Story Template by Amy Deardon was lent to me by my friend Claire from writing group. I cannot express how encouraging and challenging this book was for me to read. I have a novel that I have been working on for over 10 years (Might be close to 15. I don't really remember when I started) and I wish I had had this book when I began. It is full of exercises to help you think through your story, which I did not complete with this first reading, but I plan to purchase the book to work through these exercises for my subsequent books and perhaps to help with the flow of the novel I am currently working on. She says that you can do these exercises at any point in the writing process, but for me, it is challenging to go back when I am already so far forward. If you are interested in writing a work of fiction, I highly recommend this book. Once I work through the exercises, which could be many years from now, I hope to do a follow up post about the process.

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