Sunday, March 24, 2013

March 18 to 24

1031. Jamey and Lillian singing "Mighty, Mighty Savior"
1032. Jamey and Lillian singing with me when we sing during school time
1033. Reuben blowing kisses
1034. Gabriel giggling
1035. Snuggling with Lillian
1036. The flexibility of homeschooling
1037. Sticking to my grocery list
1038. Ice cream
1039. Cheap Papa John's pizza
1040. Getting an email from Dawn
1041. Jamey singing the Doxology with me
1042. Lillian walking around singing the Doxology
1043. How quickly my kids pick up on things (although sometimes this is not so good :) )
1044. Getting to spend some one on one school time with Jamey
1045. Lillian reading her first words
1046. J and L being to learn math facts
1047. Finding out Shannon is having a baby!
1048. Running into Rachel and getting to pray for her!
1049. Great conversation at playgroup
1050. Meeting Haddie!
1051. Reuben playing well at playgroup
1052. Finishing The Story Template (definitely need to buy this one)
1053. Becca coming home
1054. Lillian walking around saying Bible verses
1055. Lillian acting out "Humpty Dumpty"
1056. Jamey snuggling
1057. Smooth naps and bed times all week
1058. Sitting down and working out a general daily schedule with Jim
1059. Spending an afternoon talking and hanging out with Becca while everyone else slept
1060. Getting some extra rest
1061. Learning more about God and His ways at BSF
1062. Realizing God loves me so much He will do whatever it takes to mold me into Christ likeness
1063. Learning to find blessing in sickness
1064. Growing in inspiration
1065. Studying more about Biblical interpretation
1066. Doing well on my quiz
1067. Reading the intro of Faithmapping with Jim
1068. Having some time with the Lord
1069. Working on my prayer notebooks
1070. Getting a jumpstart on my class reading for next week
1071. Preparing for Passover!
1072. Preparing for Holy Week!
1073. Lazy Saturday with the kids
1074. Sleeping on the sofa with Lillian
1075. Getting to sleep in some
1076. Taking a nap
1077. Working on weeding the garden area
1078. Teaching Jamey and Lillian to play catch together
1079. Watching Jamey and Lillian play catch
1080. Lillian being eager to help in the garden without being asked
1081. Gabriel hanging outside in the exersaucer
1082. Celebrating Ian's birthday
1083. Being able to go to a party as a family
1084. Getting to catch up with Sisters
1085. Praying with Jim
1086. Listening to my babies snore
1087. Watching The Blind Side with Becca
1088. God always teaching me
1089. Going to the 11:15 service
1090. Feel the overwhelming presence of the Holy Spirit
1091. Being around Worshipers of the One True God
1092. Learning about God's restoration
1093. Being around people who desire to be restored to God and each other
1094. Seeing our France team commissioned
1095. Continued growth of Sojourn International
1096. Quiet Sunday afternoon
1097. Getting our lamb for Passover
1098. Meeting to Pray for our friends!
1099. Finding out another sister is pregnant!
1100. Great start to the week

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