Sunday, March 31, 2013

March 25 to 31

1101. Sleeping in (though quite unintentional)
1102. Managing to get going
1103. Family recovering from stomach bug
1104. Jamey and Lillian getting excited about doing "paperwork" in school (starting to do more of this)
1105. Getting a lot done during school time
1106. Learning more about what our groove should look like
1107. Learning to rest in what God has for us
1108. Remembering that life continues to go on even when we do not feel well
1109. Learning more about communication
1110. Wrestling and growing in handling things graciously
1111. Reuben's hugs and kisses
1112. Reuben blowing kisses
1113. Gabriel's giant toothless grins
1114. Reuben beginning to communicate
1115. Having leftovers to eat
1116. Having a much lower grocery bill than expected
1117. Reading with Jim
1118. Great nap time
1119. Finishing my reading for class
1120. Talking with Anne at playgroup
1121. Learning about more homeschooling options
1122. Talking with Shannon
1123. Talking with Esther
1124. Getting  to see baby Haddie
1125. An indoor playground to go to
1126. Preparing for Passover
1127. Celebrating Passover with our Family (both kids and church)
1128. Remembering Jesus is our ultimate Passover Lamb
1129. Great conversations
1130. Going to BSF
1131. Getting all 4 kids dropped off in a timely manner
1132. Being able to participate in the conversation even though I forgot to pick up my lesson
1133. Learning more about giving up part of myself
1134. Remembering that Jesus gave His life for me so I should be willing to give mine to Him
1135. Learning to give up fears
1136. Having a God I can trust
1137. Being able to do school after lunch
1138. Great relaxing afternoon
1139. Jamey not wanting to leave reading time
1140. Jamey participating in Russian lessons
1141. Lillian participating in Russian lessons
1142. Jamey doing well with writing
1143. Kids getting excited about book work
1144. Having kids who love school and learning (I probably say this a lot but it is a HUGE blessing)
1145. Reading with Jim
1146. Easy bed time
1147. Jamey being brave and excited about his vaccines
1148. Jamey taking his vaccines well
1149. Gabriel having a good check up
1150. Cheap yummy pizza
1151. Going to water aerobics
1152. Hot tubs!
1153. Gabriel doing well
1154. Learning more about Biblical interpretation
1155. Talking through some homeschooling stuff with a sister
1156. Talking to Dr. Plummer
1157. Seeing Rebekah, Elise and Laurel
1158. Getting home in a timely manner
1159. Having extra time for school
1160. Getting a lot done in school
1161. Looking at homeschool material
1162. Working outside prepping for our garden
1163. Gabriel playing in the exersaucer
1164. Gabriel is 4 months!
1165. Jim having the weekend off!
1166. Good Friday service
1167. Meeting an editor at Memoria Press (who is a fellow Sojourner!)
1168. Great evening
1169. Kids doing well for the service
1170. Seeing the Bales family
1171. Sleeping in a little bit
1172. Good morning
1173. Date with Jim
1174. Getting Jamey signed up for swim lessons
1175. Trying Four Pegs
1176. Fun afternoon
1177. Getting some work done in the garden
1178. Jamey loving to work in the yard
1179. Crazy kids who love to run around
1180. Playing together
1181. Jamey eating well again
1182. Lillian saying funny things
1183. Reuben laughing
1184. Reuben trying to put on shoes by himself
1185. Reuben signing please all day
1186. Spending a nice family evening together
1187. Waking up early as a family
1188. Homemade biscuits for breakfast (YUMMY!)
1189. Miss Jen coming to hang out this morning
1190. Walking to church (I have missed this)
1191. Sitting in the front of church
1192. Meeting James and Brittney
1193. Church being packed out
1194. Seeing lots of Brothers and Sisters this morning
1195. Ruby Tuesdays
1196. Reuben eating a whole salad bar plate and then some
1197. Getting mini avocado turkey burgers with no extra charge!
1198. Nice rest time
1199. Short grocery list
1200. Getting meals figured out fairly quickly
1201. Jim making whole wheat pancakes for dinner
1202. Watching Jim and the kids play
1203. Gabriel laughing and smiling
1204. Gabriel trying to stand up
1205. Celebrating having a Risen Savior
1206. Hearing Jamey speak spiritual truths
1207. Seeing 3 baptisms this morning
1208. Getting caught up on email
1209. Relaxing evening
1210. HE IS RISEN!!!!!

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