Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Blessings I Can Remember

416.  Family outing to the zoo
417. Watching the kids enjoy the animals
418. Meeting other people who avoid the reptile house
419. Spontaneous Fellowship
420. Ice cream cake!
421. Talking about labor and delivery
422. Meeting new people
423. Restful Sunday
424. Afternoon nap
425. Being reminded that we have to work at building relationships, but that they are a gift
426. Watching Reuben tackle Jamey thinking he can win
427. The laughter of my children
428. All three kids wanting to cuddle and give hugs
429. All three kids sleeping until 7:30! (This is super late for Jamey and Lillian)
430. Being able to write again
431. Spending time with the Lord
432. Taking only one child to the grocery store
433. Lillian walking around quoting Scripture
434. Jamey and Lillian both asking to pray
435. Bedtime with little fight
436. Having lesson plans ready each morning (loving Sonlight right now)
437. All three kids sleeping until 7!
438. Playgroup
439. Reuben playing on the playground
440. Sweet Fellowship
441. Sisters who pray for each other
442. Sisters who can be vulnerable with each other
443. Reading
444. Writing another page and a half in my book (still trying to get back in a good routine)
445. Journal
446. Free e-books
447. Free readers and spelling book
448. Community
449. Cake
450. Great time of prayer and Bible reading
451. Finishing my homework the day before it is due
452. Seeing Asmaa
453. Iraqi Food!
454. Watching my kids enjoy and devour Iraqi food!
455. More Cake
456. Going through boxes
457. New TV episodes
458. A moment to sit down and blog
459. Grace
460. God does not leave us where we are

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