Wednesday, October 31, 2012

So Much to be Thankful For

501. Being a child of God
502. Having Becca with us
503. Having a TV as an option (even when I don't want to use it but it's all I can manage)
504. Friends who love me and accept me as Christ does
505. Dawn hanging out in the middle of a long day
506. Seeing Jamey playing with kids younger than him well
507. Laughs and giggles from kids playing
508. Lillian walking around quoting Scripture
509. God using sisters to speak into my life
510. The Holy Spirit's conviction and revealing of my heart as I study Amos
511. Getting to swim once a week
512. Sarah Sloan and her help in thinking through how to best proceed in women's prayer
513. Encouragement
514. Naps! (All 3 kids and me)
515. Rite Aid deals
516. Costume parties
517. Fun food with fun friends
518. Meeting more Sojourn women
519. Being used by God as a confirmation for a sister
520. Seeing friends I haven't seen in awhile
521. Kids playing games together
522. Writing group
523. Being affirmed in talents God has given me
524. Learning how to use the talents
525. People who can help me with grammar :)
526. A lazy Saturday afternoon
527. Celebrating a friend's birthday
528. Meeting more Sojourn sisters
529. Meeting a couple who want to serve in Eastern Europe! (This is a huge blessing and answer to prayer)
530. Meeting Eliana
531. God's faithfulness
532. The kids wanting me (even though there are times this can feel burdensome)
533. Sojourn pastors feeling the conviction to pray more as individuals and a church
534. Being encouraged to pray
535. Pastors confessing their weaknesses to encourage us
536. The opening of the prayer chapel this week
537. Jim being able to help friends move
538. Great pizza deals
539. Pizza and movie in the living room
540. Family play time
541. Being able to run to the grocery store without kids
542. Running into people from church
543. A very active baby
544. Healthy family
545. Kids going to bed well
546. Becca coming home early
547. Going to bed at 8pm!!!!!
548. Getting 10 hours of much needed sleep!!!!!
549. Finding out I get to see Brit and her family this year!
550. Accountability
551. Going to the Tuesday 5pm international prayer time at Sojourn!
552. Quick dinners
553. Community group
554. Homemade Mocha
555. Sisters that love and encourage each other
556. Hearing the heart that God has changed
557. Having lesson plans done for me
558. Walmart run!
559. Jamey asking to journal
560. Jamey's excitement and finally getting a journal to "write" in (cannot wait to start that in the morning)
561. Teaching my kids about reading the Bible and journaling
562. Having time with the Lord every morning this week
563. Though it was a tiring week, God saw me through
564. Getting home made cookie dough made
565. Snugly kids
566. Reuben's personality really blossoming
567. Seeing my kids becoming best friends
568. Seeing God at work in my family
569. Learning how to love my family more each day
570. Learning to be gracious when I don't get everything done

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