Saturday, October 6, 2012


So today, for the first time in quite awhile, I ran errands with all three kids in toe. It is seriously by the grace of God we made it. We had 3 stops so 3 loading and unloadings, 3 buggies, lots of listening, clear speaking, lots of patience and the need for food as we were out during snack/lunch time. Reuben is also in the process of going down to one nap so I stretched him during this time and he did really well except when I put him in the carseat. I was able to get good deals on the things I needed, which was great. And I managed to do it all in about 2 hours. God is good!

Today's Blessings
361. Good outing
362. Jamey helping his siblings
363. Lillian helping with the shopping
364. Reuben not fussing in the carts and not fighting the seatbelt
365. Good deals: getting a lot for little money plus money back
366. Great deal on Zulily: I was able to get 2 maternity shirts for less than $15!
367. Able to get money back for online shopping :) (check out
368. Time to veg a little this afternoon
369. Jamey snuggling with me
370. Jamey and Lillian sitting in my lap while enjoying a movie together
371. Sweet Tea
372. Watching Lillian sleep in the chair
373. Getting coupons in the mail
374. Reuben snuggling with me in the floor
375. Watching Jamey and Reuben give hugs
376. Getting laundry done
377. A sunny day when rain was expected
378. Swagbucks
379. Knowing that what we are teaching the kids is sinking in, even if they are lecturing lids and blocks
380. Watching Jamey and Lillian enjoy being together

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