Friday, October 12, 2012

Off Week

I do not even know where this week went. It has been a blur and totally odd. With Jim's schedule getting changed for the later half of last week the craziness spilled over into this one, as well as other things here and there that made the week crazy. I have felt exhausted everyday, like I was walking in a cloud. I did not pray or read my Bible as I should. I did not write but a little and I could not seem to muster the desire to write. It was like most days my brain was not even working. Next week we need to get back on our schedule. Everyone feels it when we get off and it makes for grumpy kids and non-present mama. Not a great combination! In fact, I sat down a couple times to write out my blessings and I didn't even want to do that. Even in the chaos there was so much to be thankful for, but I didn't want to be grateful! What a crummy attitude. I hope I can remember the blessings for the week. Even now I still feel like my head is in a cloud and I just want to go to sleep! But sometimes discipline is necessary even in the fog. And so I write tonight to  the best of my ability.

381. Walking to church when it is cool
382. Fall weather
383. Jim off from work for 2 days
384. Several Amazon gift cards
385. Movies!
386. Playgroup
387. Learning more about dental care for kids
388. Jim wrestling with the kids
389. Date Night!
390. Accountability without kids running around
391. New Keyboard!
392. New crockpot
393. Maternity clothes from Dawn
394. Member meeting
395. Finally meeting Anastasia
396. Making further connection with Sofia
397. Cheesecake!!!
398. Learning about new websites that pay you for stuff
399. Water aerobics!
400. SWI starting back
401. Learning the background of Amos
402. Frozen Pizza
403. MOMstogether
404. More connections to Eastern Europe
405. Normal pregnancy
406. Healthy kids
407. Watching Jamey sing Bible verses in the rear view mirror
408. Reuben clapping
409. Jamey and Reuben wrestling
410. Jamey and Lillian snuggling on the sofa
411. Jamey wanting to take responsibilities
412. Opportunities to teach things
413. Blondies
414. Yummy filling breakfast
415. God sustains His people

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