Friday, October 5, 2012

Far Behind on the Weeks Blessings

306. Missions Cookout
307. Nathan and Sarah Sloan
308. Connecting with others who are missions minded
309. Walking
310. Finally meeting Milli!
311. It being October
312. The weather cooling down
313. Kids asking to do school
314. Lillian walking around saying Bible verses
315. Waking up to Jamey singing "Jesus Loves Me"
316. Reuben loving to clap and clapping often
317. Jamey and Lillian "reading" their Bibles during quiet time in the morning
318. Quills coffee!
319. Dawn
320. Praying with Becca
321. Playgroup
322. Watching the kids play together on the playground
323. Jamey helping Lillian climb
324. Seeing Jamey step into the big brother role
325. Community Group
326. Going to the pool as a family
327. Water Aerobics
328. Time with Jim in the evenings
329. Seeing the kids' faces light up when Jim got home from class early
330. Journaling everyday
331. Keeping up with my story
332. Finishing 2 of the books I have been working on
333. Starting a new book that I have been waiting for from the library for a couple months
334. Reuben grabbing Jamey in a hug and laughing
335. The boys wrestling
336. Lillian wanting to be the big sister/acting like a little mama
337. All 3 kids napping at the same time twice this week
338. Getting to nap
339. Getting some work done on the office
340. Jamey making patterns on his own
341. Women's Prayer
342. Erin Owen
343. Opportunities to meet more moms
344. Making a connection with someone I can reach out to
345. Free ebooks
346. Free samples
347. Cookies and Brownies
348. Options
349. Lillian initiating singing
350. Jamey singing Bible verses and Sojourn music
351. Watching Jamey act out Aladdin (Yes I realize that means he has seen it too many times :) )
352. Sunshine after a rainy week
353. Jamey and Lillian singing together
354. Jamey and Lillian giving hugs, kisses and saying good-night to Reuben in unison
355. Reuben's laughter
356. Laughing together as a family for no reason, just to laugh
357. Paper and pencil
358. Starting a new journal
359. Being alive in Christ
360. Scandalous Grace

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