Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Catching Up Again

461. Water Aerobics
462. In depth study of Amos
463. A night for personal growth once a week
464. Chicken salad sandwiches
465. 3 Kids napping at the same time for the same length
466. Getting to talk to my sister
467. Journals
468. Helping friends with a yard sale
469. Seeing God work in the yard sale for them to get rid of things and make some money
470. Meeting more Sojourners
471. Getting to talk pregnancy, labor and delivery
472. Opportunities to encourage others
473. Jamey teaching Lillian her ABCs
474. Jamey and Lillian singing together
475. Reuben being loving
476. Jamey and Reuben wrestling and giving kisses
477. Seeing God's grace at work in my kids
478. Sojourn's fall festival
479. Seeing Dave, meeting his family and him meeting mine
480. Seeing other friends I have not talked to in a while
481. Friends letting us take left over items to Goodwill :)
482. Evening to relax
483. Early bedtime
484. Sojourn J-town
485. Parent/Child Dedication service
486. Being reminded that God never checks out on us and we should not check out on our kids
487. Meeting another family interested in missions
488. Going to lunch with other people from church (miss doing this regularly)
489. Getting the office almost organized! (still have a little more to do but it's more functional)
490. Prayer time at our friends' house
491. Getting a free desk!
492. Grocery store without kids :)
493. Back massage
494. Blue Bell on sale!
495. Seeing the kids learn more everyday
496. Jamey trying to read a little
497. Active kids
498. Friends who help and are supportive even when your kids do embarrassing things
499. Rest
500. Brothers and Sisters who encourage you when they are in the midst of an unthinkable tragedy

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