Sunday, October 20, 2013

October 14 to 20

6301. Sleeping until 8:30
6302. Doing school with the kids
6303. All kids participating
6304. Reuben signing "Jesus Loves Me"
6305. Jamey and Lillian doing well with their book work
6306. Jamey going to the grocery store with Jim
6307. Reading and singing with Reuben
6308. Reading with Lillian
6309. Learning more about where Lillian is
6310. Reuben desiring to read more
6311. Reuben giving high 5's all time
6312. Reuben learning so much recently
6313. Reuben jumping and dancing
6314. Jamey giving himself a "tattoo" that says, "Children obey your parents in the Lord for this is right." Ephesians 6:1 (At least he want's God's word on his arm. :) )
6315. Jamey and Lillian remembering all their verses for the year
6316. Jamey interacting with the books and asking questions
6317. Gabriel "talking" and clapping
6318. Gabriel saying more
6319. Watching Gabriel jump excitedly
6320. Frozen pizza for lunch
6321. Making sweet tea with Stevia
6322. Good rest time
6323. Time to relax
6324. Working on a couple things
6325. Getting journal written for class
6326. Good dinner
6327. Talking as a family over dinner
6328. Getting ready and out the door early
6329. Cheap McDonald's
6330. Getting to school early
6331. Singing Bible verse songs together
6332. Jamey knowing the Bible verse songs well
6333. Jamey wanting to listen to more music
6334. Childcare willing to take the kids a little early
6335. Time to relax and settle in before class
6336. Getting to know some classmates a little better
6337. Talking about pursuing our spouses
6338. Learning what pursuing looks like generally
6339. Talking about things that can get in the way of pursuing your spouse (seriously some things are not that obvious)
6340. Good questions
6341. Thinking of things to speak into this next week
6342. Being given an hour to discuss how to pursue each other better and discussing things that need to be adjusted
6343. Beautiful fall weather to sit out in and talk
6344. Repentance and forgiveness
6345. God's grace filling us
6346. Kids doing well
6347. Laughter and excitement even at 9 pm
6348. Smooth bedtime
6349. Relaxing for a few minutes
6350. Bed
6351. Sleeping until 9:30! (Seriously needed it!)
6352. Still getting ready for playgroup in a timely manner
6353. Remembering that it's ok not to do school every day
6354. Giving grace for this season
6355. Beautiful outside weather
6356. Kids playing well
6357. Seeing Gidget and Silas
6358. Silas and my kids playing together
6359. Great conversation
6360. Gidget bringing homemade banana bread muffins (really yummy!)
6361. Jamey meeting new people and talking to them
6362. Others not being bothered by him
6363. Jamey not knowing a stranger
6364. Seeing the Spirit move in Jamey
6365. Talking with Esther
6366. Gabriel swinging in the toddler swing (Loved it!)
6367. Talking to Caroline
6368. Friendships
6369. Lunch at the park
6370. Nice rest time
6371. Jamey loving The Magic School Bus
6372. How much Jamey learns from the show
6373. Jamey loving to learn all the time
6374. Jamey and Lillian both growing in conversation
6375. Reuben bringing me a book and saying "I want to read this"
6376. Watching Gabriel explore
6377. Being reminded of how early kids actively start sinning
6378. Being reminded of the depths of God's grace
6379. Getting homework done for SWI
6380. Not having any of the book to read for SWI this week
6381. Jim leading CG this week
6382. Having a full house at CG
6383. Great discussion
6384. People asking great questions to dig in more
6385. God moving in our group
6386. Encouragement
6387. Talking some about doubt
6388. Having girl time
6389. Having so many girls we broke up in pairs to share and pray
6390. Time to hear about Sara's life and share what's going on in mine
6391. Getting to know Sara better
6392. Getting to rejoice with Laura in her engagement
6393. Marriage
6394. Guys having lots of time to talk
6395. God growing us as family
6396. Ice cream
6397. CSI: NY
6398. Bed
6399. Half of us sleeping until 8 am!
6400. Time to play
6401. Jamey's growing imagination
6402. More school time
6403. Reuben clapping sideways while singing "This is the Day"
6404. All three kids dancing and singing
6405. Seeing Jamey and Lillian grow in knowledge and understanding
6406. Lillian showing more interest in her phonics work
6407. Helping Lillian with fine motor skills
6408. Jamey really working on writing capital Ns
6409. Jamey not getting frustrated at being asked to redo incorrect work
6410. Jamey beginning to comprehend what he reads
6411. Opportunities to teach Jamey patience with Gabriel
6412. Jim getting things figured out for a future class
6413. Fairly productive morning
6414. Time to read my Bible
6415. Time to write some deep thoughts about what I read
6416. Learning to know and seek God more
6417. God helping me work through deep theological questions
6418. Desiring to know God and His Word more
6419. Gabriel dancing to music
6420. Yummy sandwiches for lunch
6421. Cool ranch Doritos (these were super good today)
6422. Nice rest time
6423. Learning to be thankful in all things
6424. Growing
6425. Being challenged at all times
6426. Crazy evening
6427. Teaching kids consequences of negative behavior
6428. Teaching kids how their sin effects other people
6429. Being able to still have a little fun together
6430. Sudoku
6431. Fairly smooth bedtime
6432. Wheel of Fortune
6433. Time to talk and pray with Andy about CG
6434. Thinking about what CG should look like
6435. Thinking about areas of growth
6436. Jim finishing the book for class next week
6437. Having a bed
6438. Learning to take my thoughts captive (even when I am failing miserably)
6439. Finally sleeping
6440. Being able to get up at 8:30 (I slept quite roughly)
6441. Coffee
6442. Cheese grits
6443. Getting some school done with the kids
6444. Becca helping with school
6445. Reuben clapping and signing
6446. Reuben holding hands to pray
6447. Starting the day with the Lord's Word and worship
6448. Lillian wanting to learn more
6449. Getting laundry worked
6450. Lillian's spunky personality
6451. Making it through the morning without the TV
6452. Nice lunch time
6453. Kids playing outside
6454. Time to read my Bible and write about what I see
6455. Smooth rest time
6456. Getting all my work done for SWI
6457. Reflecting on my time alone with the Lord from last week
6458. Remembering the refreshing of the Spirit
6459. Learning to not get frustrated with things that are not meant to make me frustrated
6460. Talking with Becca
6461. Jamey falling asleep in the chair
6462. Jim surprising me with dinner out before our Thursday evening classes!
6463. Time to talk
6464. Talking to Abby
6465. Water Aerobics
6466. Meeting a Sister from East campus
6467. Hearing Claire's heart
6468. Seeing Jonny
6469. Having access to a microwave at school
6470. Seeing Joanna and her new baby
6471. Time to talk
6472. Being encouraged
6473. Time to talk about what being humble like Jesus looks like
6474. Being able to speak into each other's lives
6475. Being able to pray for those who are struggling
6476. Honest vulnerability
6477. People to talk to
6478. Being honest with thoughts and feelings
6479. Knowing where to take all the crazy things running around in my head
6480. Having a God who knows me fully and loves me anyway
6481. Jim getting done with class early
6482. Ice Cream!
6483. Getting to sleep
6484. Good sleep
6485. Waking up on my own not in a crazy dream state
6486. Jim getting a lot of school work done
6487. Becca getting some good pics of the kids for her homework
6488. School time
6489. Reuben vigorously signing our songs
6490. Reuben jumping and getting both feet off the ground
6491. Lillian improving with her phonics work
6492. Jamey never wanting to stop school
6493. Having children who desire to learn
6494. Jim not having class
6495. Starting a marriage book with interesting information
6496. Jim and Jamey playing together
6497. Jim getting to take a good nap
6498. Time to nap
6499. Jamey wanting to rest on the sofa with me
6500. Jamey asking to hold my hand while we rested
6501. Yummy dinner
6502. Being able to drink a glass of ice water without a reaction!!!!! (This is great)
6503. Watching the kids and Becca all dance together
6504. Watching the Duggars
6505. Working out plans for Thanksgiving weekend
6506. Having plans to go to Smyrna
6507. Talking to mom
6508. Reuben talking to Nana
6509. Jamey napping on the sofa
6510. Getting through to bedtime
6511. Smooth bedtime
6512. Watching Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy
6513. Working on an overdue project
6514. God always working
6515. Learning when to step away
6516. Getting to sleep
6517. Being able to get up and ready
6518. Lillian helping Becca in the kitchen
6519. Getting out of the door in a timely manner
6520. Becca being available to be with the kids so I could attend the Global Intensive
6521. Going to the Global Intensive
6522. Learning more about fully giving my ransomed life to God
6523. Learning more about the persecuted church
6524. Being challenged
6525. Seeing Jonah and Allison
6526. Meeting Mr. and Mrs. Wainright
6527. Seeing Milli
6528. Catching up with Natalie
6529. Seeing Amanda
6530. Nate and Karey being able to make it for the morning
6531. Karey getting me a mocha!
6532. Panera bagels for breakfast
6533. Seeing Jen
6534. Catching up with Sarah
6535. Meeting Nik and Ruth
6536. Getting advice from Ruth
6567. Learning more about Biblical context
6568. Learning how to minister in different areas
6569. God using persecution
6570. Thinking about what persecution looks like here
6571. My mind being blown
6572. Getting across the bridge with rain safely
6573. Great day
6574. Pizza for lunch
6575. Getting home with a detour
6576. Kids resting when I got home
6577. Jim sleeping well
6578. Playing
6579. Good dinner
6580. Sharing what I learned
6581. Watching a family movie together
6582. Playing a little Sudoku
6583. Starting to teach Lillian how to play
6584. Making a run to Target
6585. Catching up with Misa
6586. Smooth bedtime
6587. Jamey praying for his siblings
6588. Kids asking us to pray for them
6589. Lillian asking to watch football
6590. Getting email sent
6591. Lots of blessings to count
6592. Sleep
6593. Waking up to Jamey sleeping beside me
6594. Getting up and going
6595. Getting out of the house on time even with a late start
6596. Jim having a good evening at work
6597. Cold fall air
6598. Wearing long sleeves
6599. Church
6600. Kids exploring
6601. Reuben walking inside and up the stairs
6602. Seeing MyLee
6603. Talking to Lora
6604. Looking out the window
6605. Seeing Karen
6606. Talking to Mandy
6607. Talking to Ruth
6608. Seeing the Butlers
6609. Worshiping my God through music and Scripture
6610. Worshiping taking on a whole new meaning after learning more about the persecuted church
6611. Hearing Daniel talk about miracles
6612. Knowing we have a God who can still do miracles today
6613. Hearing about how to approach God
6614. Talking about "miracle math"
6615. Being encouraged
6616. Talking to Melanie
6617. Melanie being healthy for 2 weeks
6618. Lillian helping Reuben walk to the car with me (she is such a little mama)
6619. Wendy's filling me and sitting well
6620. Jim getting a good nap
6621. The kids asking to play a dance game
6622. Kids getting some exercise
6623. Kids resting well
6624. Talking with Becca
6625. Stuffed crust pizza and wings
6626. Talking to Brit
6627. Hearing from Anna
6628. Watching a family movie
6629. Staying off of separate media
6630. Smooth bedtime
6631. Watching a movie with Jim
6632. Snuggling with Jim on the sofa
6633. Having a nice quiet evening together
6634. Growing in learning to be together
6635. God's continuous mercy

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