Sunday, October 6, 2013

September 30 to October 6

5921. Sleeping until 8:30
5922. Doing a fairly normal school morning
5923. Jamey and Lillian both excited about doing their work
5924. Reuben sitting with us for the songs
5925. Reuben growing in wanting to learn
5926. Reuben "saying" Romans 3:23
5927. Gabriel clapping his hands
5928. Watching Gabriel laugh and play with his siblings
5929. Reuben building and counting the blocks in his towers
5930. Learning to get through crazy afternoons
5931. Jim and I getting our homework done for class
5932. Growing in communicating
5933. Nice family dinner
5934. Getting to school early
5935. Being early enough for Jim to go back and get our books after forgetting them
5936. Getting the kids dropped off in chaos
5937. Great class time
5938. Learning more about conflict resolution
5939. Talking about how to resolve conflict with Jim
5940. God teaching us everyday
5941. Getting the kids in bed quickly
5942. Collapsing at the end of a busy day
5943. Everyone sleeping until 7!
5944. Getting some school done
5945. Feeling a little bit more normal
5946. Playgroup at Cherokee
5947. Spending time with Gidget
5948. Jamey and Reuben exploring the water
5979. Kids exploring the park
5980. Seeing Esther and her kids
5981. Seeing Caroline and her kids
5982. Time to encourage friends
5983. Time to pray for friends
5984. Restful afternoon
5985. All kids napping
5986. Working on SWI homework
5987. Being encouraged to get back into journaling
5988. God growing me
5989. Kids sleeping a long time
5990. Good dinner
5991. CG
5992. Having a full house
5993. Enjoying a good conversation
5994. Encouraging each other with the Word
5995. Praying for each other
5996. Getting to know each other better
5997. Seeing God at work
5998. Getting sleep
5999. Feeling decent in the morning
6000. School time
6001. Learning together
6002. Growing together
6003. Finishing SWI homework
6004. Having a lower key day
6005. Being together as a family
6006. Spending time with Andy and Shannon
6007. Discussing community
6008. Encouraging each other in growth
6009. Waking more refreshed
6010. Really yummy breakfast
6011. School with the kids
6012. Reuben "signing" "Jesus Loves Me"
6013. Seeing Reuben grow
6014. Working on the Timeline
6015. Learning about Thomas in India
6016. Jamey making connections with friends when we talk about different places
6017. Seeing growth in my kids
6018. Being challenged everyday
6019. Time to relax before a long evening
6020. McDonald's
6021. Eating food that agrees with my stomach
6022. Being in the water
6023. Exercise
6024. Talking about childbirth
6025. Encouraging a sister
6026. Seeing people we haven't seen in awhile
6027. Being challenged
6028. Seeing Cade and Amy
6029. Great conversation in small group
6030. Encouragement
6031. God's goodness
6032. Meeting Miranda
6033. Sleep
6034. Sleeping undisturbed until almost 8
6035. Feeling a little better this morning and eating
6036. Getting things ready for women's prayer
6037. 3 Women coming
6038. Great time of prayer
6039. Kids doing well during prayer
6040. Getting to know Alia's heart more
6041. Yummy sandwiches
6042. Eating home grown cucumbers
6043. Nice rest time
6044. Almost falling asleep
6045. Lean cuisine pizzas
6046. Talking with God
6047. Knowing where to go when I am overwhelmed
6048. Reuben dancing
6049. All 3 kids dancing to the Star Trek theme song
6050. Laughter
6051. Craziness
6052. Smooth bed time
6053. Time to work on things
6054. Getting caught up
6055. Sleep
6056. Dozing on the sofa until 9
6057. Yummy breakfast
6058. Low key day
6059. Kids dancing and playing
6060. RAIN!
6061. Kids playing in the rain
6062. Opening all the windows and enjoying natural air conditioning
6063. Listening to the rain
6064. Watching The Sound of Music
6065. Reading encouraging words from other people who live in chaos
6066. Being able to help a friend after they have moved away
6067. Reading the book of Zechariah (need to go back through this one slowly)
6068. Writing in my journal about what I read
6069. Working on being more disciplined
6070. Struggling every day
6071. God giving me more patience today
6072. God helping me to hold my temper
6073. Feeling God's grace more each day
6074. Learning to live more by God's grace
6075. Having food to eat
6076. Garlic mashed potatoes
6077. Chocolate Chip cookies
6078. Sweet Tea
6079. Relaxing
6080. Teaching opportunities
6081. Being able to wake up without being fully rested (this time it was my fault)
6082. Beautiful refreshing rain
6083. All getting to church without getting excessively wet
6084. New interesting photos to look at
6085. Hearing from Dr. Pennington
6086. God breaking into my heart
6087. Realizing more of my struggle
6088. Seeking the power of the Holy Spirit to overcome my weaknesses
6089. Learning about healing
6090. God's amazing stories that are full of Truth and mystery
6091. Our kids learning and sharing
6092. Good $5 boxes at Taco Bell
6093. Talking about the Parable of the Soils
6094. Getting things done in a timely manner
6095. Leaving the TV off until after nap time
6096. Running to CVS
6097. Jim getting to listen to the Braves game
6098. Time to relax
6099. God's goodness
6100. Time to sleep

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