Sunday, October 27, 2013

October 21 to 27

6636. Sleeping well until almost 8 am
6637. Being able to get up so Jim could get a little more sleep
6638. Talking to my kids
6639. Jamey and Lillian excited about the day
6640. Jamey telling me that it's Lillian's turn to go to the grocery store with Daddy and being happy for her!
6641. Reuben using words to tell us what he wants
6642. Gabriel sleeping until 8:30
6643. The kids excited to start school
6644. Jamey and Lillian discussing our verse and Bible story
6645. Jamey and Lillian discussing the Truth of God's Word
6646. Reuben singing with us as well as signing
6647. Talking with Jamey about what God wants for our family may be different than what he wants
6648. Seeing my kids grow in knowledge and understanding
6649. Learning about St. Patrick
6650. Putting St. Patrick on our Timeline
6651. Reading fun stories
6652. Kids excited to do school work
6653. Seeing more of where Lillian is
6654. Learning to discern where each child is strong
6655. Trying to figure out how to encourage and build on their strengths
6656. Every moment being a learning opportunity
6657. Reuben saying "I love you"!
6658. Getting through the morning, though slower than normal
6659. Lillian going to the grocery store with Jim
6660. Reuben helping Gabriel
6661. Allowing kids to see the natural consequences of choices
6662. Finding someone I had been looking for on FB
6663. Hearing from workers
6664. Chinese for lunch
6665. Talking
6666. Being reminded I cannot coast on previous encounters with God, I need Him every day
6667. The 3 younger ones napping well
6668. Time to relax
6669. Quick conviction and repentance
6670. Changing out Gabriel's car seat
6671. Being reminded that Jamey is still only 4
6672. Being available to help a friend
6673. Having experience as an L&D nurse
6674. Being reminded how important a thankful spirit is
6675. Thinking about how much changing your perspective can help you
6676. God's mighty power over all things
6677. God constantly showing me how to have a Kingdom size perspective
6678. Learning store brand pull-ups work better than name brand (not all store brands but Target and Kroger)
6679. Getting my contacts in without issue
6680. God's forgiveness in everything
6681. Discussing more Truths with Jamey
6682. Learning more about original sin
6683. Getting to class early
6684. Being reminded of financial principles
6685. Learning about ways to help teach our kids financial principles even now
6686. Good thought provoking questions
6687. Being challenged to grow
6688. Getting home smoothly
6689. Smooth bedtime
6690. Good sleep all night for everyone
6691. Jim getting to school early
6692. Jim meeting with a friend
6693. Gidget coming over for a little bit before playgroup
6694. Having an indoor playground to go to
6695. All of our kids playing well together
6696. Great conversation
6697. Discussing photography and the business of it
6698. Gidget understanding my point of view on it as a photographer
6699. Finding out Gidget is also doing Novel November!!!!!
6700. God opening up other opportunities for us to connect
6701. Being able to speak Truth in non-spiritually focused conversation
6702. Learning how Christ effects everything
6703. Gidget picking up and starting The Case for Christ
6704. Seeing Margaret
6705. Meeting Scout
6706. Fun conversations
6707. Seeing Esther and her kids
6708. Jude and Reuben playing together
6709. Watching boys play like boys (it is different than girls in case you are wondering)
6710. The babies playing
6711. Being reminded of a song I learned in high school
6712. God using all things
6713. Walking to and from playgroup
6714. Yummy lunch
6715. Encouragement from different places
6716. Good rest time for the kids
6717. Talking to Jim
6718. Having good honest conversations
6719. Being challenged together
6720. Eyes being opened
6721. Learning the balance between wise planning and trusting God
6722. Figuring out where sacrifices need to be made
6723. Chili for dinner
6724. Dancing
6725. CG
6726. Full House again!
6727. Talking about miracles
6728. All asking God to do big, seemingly impossible things
6729. Being reminded that we really do not comprehend what Big looks like
6730. Great conversation and challenges
6731. Praying for each other
6732. Desiring the miraculous
6733. God moving in amazing ways
6734. Growing in the Spirit
6735. Sleep
6736. Cold weather
6737. Having access to heat (for the family)
6738. Clothes for cold weather
6739. School time
6740. Learning more about early missionaries
6741. Connecting Christ to most of what we are learning
6742. All our history lessons being on missionaries this week
6743. Flexibility
6744. Working on school in our time
6745. Not having anywhere to go
6746. Watching the kids play
6747. Reading my Bible
6748. Getting all of my SWI homework finished
6749. Kids resting
6750. Being surprised by my Spiritual Gift inventory
6751. God working on my heart as I struggle with doing my homework
6752. Trusting that God knows what he is doing
6753. Reuben growing in interest of school time
6754. Spiritual conversations that come from our reading
6755. God teaching me in the kids stories
6756. Learning how to explain things to kids
6757. Learning how to make suggestions to authority appropriately
6758. Learning to not react angrily over things that don't need anger
6759. Smooth bedtime
6760. Having a nice evening with Jim
6761. Watching a World Series game
6762. Playing Sudoku
6763. Just hanging out
6764. Decent bed time
6765. Sleeping until 9:30!
6766. Kids playing outside even with it being a little cold
6767. Reading a lot in my Bible
6768. Talking with Becca about the Bible
6769. Starting school later and still getting it all done
6770. Lots of learning conversations
6771. Kids learning more Bible verses
6772. Explaining Bible verses to the kids
6773. Reuben signing all of our songs
6774. Lillian desiring to learn more
6775. Jim having a productive morning
6776. Talking with the kids at the table
6777. Jamey learning to do a forward roll
6778. Kids napping
6779. Going on a dinner date with Jim
6780. Yummy burgers and fries
6781. Jim getting an A on his Hebrew test!
6782. Snow flurries
6783. Talking about where we are in life and where we are going
6784. Talking about Novel November
6785. Seeing how God is moving right now
6786. Learning to see and hear God more
6787. Good conversation
6788. Getting good information from Cade
6789. Encouragement
6790. Water Aerobics
6791. Encouraging conversations
6792. Meeting others who are also expecting and being able to encourage them
6793. Hearing people's hearts
6794. People's openness
6795. Seeing Katie
6796. Katie stopping what she was doing to pray for our family
6797. Sisterhood
6798. Iced coffee
6799. Meeting with Loren and Becca
6800. Honest communication
6801. Speaking into their lives
6802. An opportunity to be the "older woman"
6803. Good class
6804. Talking about Spiritual gifts
6805. Being reminded love is more important than anything else we do
6806. Finding out I know Mrs. Orrick's daughters
6807. Time to work on a song
6808. Journaling a little
6809. Drinking water
6810. Sleep
6811. Getting to sleep for most of the night without interruption
6812. Still sleeping until about 8:30
6813. Great school time
6814. Kids playing outside
6815. Reading 3 days of my Bible reading plan
6816. Lots to think about and learn from Jesus's teachings
6817. Being able to learn more
6818. God opening more doors in childbirth information
6819. There being more to learn
6820. Sandwiches
6821. Jamey adding in his head
6822. Seeing Jamey grow in knowledge
6823. Lillian loving sandwiches
6824. Gabriel eating so much
6825. Gabriel's laughter
6826. Nice rest time
6827. Getting a lot of needed emails sent
6828. Jim napping
6829. Getting stuff printed out for tomorrow
6830. Learning how to do double sided printing on the new printer
6831. Good chili
6832. Being able to drink a lot of water today
6833. Jim and the kids getting to play a game before work
6834. Movie night with the kids
6835. Connecting with people
6836. Smooth bed time
6837. Being able to work on other needed things
6838. Getting to sleep quickly
6839. Getting a few things done this morning
6840. Writing Group
6841. Getting to Panera early
6842. Having a few minutes to write in my journal
6843. Working on a Christmas break to-do list
6844. Having a few minutes to talk to Amanda
6845. Seeing Amanda growing and hearing what she is learning at school
6846. Coffee
6847. Seeing Claire
6848. Seeing Marie
6849. Encouraging conversation
6850. Praying for each other
6851. More encouragement for my book
6852. Hearing some great original hymns
6853. Extra time to talk and laugh
6854. Relaxing afternoon
6855. Finding a new blog that sounds right up my alley
6856. Getting through all of my October email in my extra email
6857. Yummy dinner (with mashed potatoes!!!!!)
6858. Jim making a yummy dinner
6859. Jim surprising me with mashed potatoes
6860. Reading to Lillian
6861. Reuben taking a long nap
6862. Family movie before Jim going to work
6863. Having a decent evening
6864. Smooth bed time
6865. God's goodness
6866. The day going well and quick at the same time
6867. God always dealing with my heart
6868. Learning more about my heart
6869. Learning how to discern what's in my heart
6870. Hearing from Allison
6871. Writing a couple emails
6872. Writing a blog post
6873. A productive day in a different way
6874. Getting some sleep
6875. Waking up at 7 and getting going
6876. Cinnamon rolls
6877. Getting out the door early
6878. Crisp October morning
6879. Kids exploring the church
6880. Talking with Lora
6881. Coffee
6882. Worshiping through song and Scripture
6883. Hearing about God's sovereignty
6884. Being blown away by the complex mystery of God
6885. Talking to Joanna and Roy
6886. Sitting with Ron and Abby
6887. Talking with Chris
6888. People who get us
6889. Mayo
6890. Resting some
6891. Talking with Becca
6892. Jamey telling us he wants to be changed
6893. Kids version of Sunday school lesson
6894. All 4 kids napping for 3 hours!!!!!
6895. Jim getting a good nap
6896. Celebrating Jen's 30th birthday
6897. Meeting new people
6898. Kids having fun
6899. Good conversations
6900. Falling asleep watching the World Series

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