Sunday, October 13, 2013

October 7 to 13

6101. Sleeping until 9 am
6102. Being able to sleep with a child at my back
6103. Low key morning
6104. Starting Fall Break!
6105. Jamey and Reuben playing outside together
6106. Lillian going with Jim to the grocery store
6107. Reading a large portion of my Bible reading and writing about it
6108. Making connections with things I have heard
6109. Haircuts!
6110. Reuben enjoying having his hair cut (he did not want Jim to stop)
6111. Jamey complaining less about having his hair cut
6112. Becca trimming my hair
6113. Time to pray
6114. Learning to seek the Lord more
6115. Growing in knowledge of who God is
6116. Taking dinner to a friend
6117. Spending time talking
6118. Getting to hold Victoria
6119. Time to encourage
6120. Getting ginger candies
6121. Date night
6122. Dinner at Logan's
6123. Working on Date Night homework
6124. Cool Autumn weather
6125. Hanging out
6126. Sleeping until 9 am
6127. Getting ready for playgroup
6128. Meeting a new Sister at the park
6129. Becca connecting with other face painters
6130. Enjoying cool weather
6131. God's beauty
6132. Gabriel jumping and laughing
6133. Lunch in the park
6134. Reuben talking more
6135. Taking a nap
6136. Watching the kids dance
6137. Making it though handing out flyers
6138. Playing Cranium with the cg
Post haircut and bath
6139. McChicken sandwiches
6140. Sleep
6141. Reuben asking me to sit with him
6142. Jamey's imagination growing
6143. Having a low key day ahead
6144. Movie and family day
6145. Jim getting some homework done
6146. Not stressing out
6147. Laughter
6148. Hearing Reuben talk
6149. Reuben blowing kisses
6150. Jim meeting with Cory
6151. Relatively smooth bed time
6152. Having a movie night with Jim
6153. Relaxing together
6154. Sleeping until 8:30
6155. Gabriel sleeping until almost 7
6156. Kids helping with housework
6157. Exciting day ahead
6158. Showering
6159. Feeling awake and well
6160. Getting to Skype with Dawn!!!
6161. Being able to see each other though thousands of miles away from each other
6162. Being able to pray for each other
6163. Hearing about our lives
6164. Our kids getting to see each other and talk for a minute
6165. God's goodness
6166. Honesty
6167. Opportunities to learn and grow
6168. Learning of others who desire to reach out to families in the area of childbearing
6169. Encouraging emails
6170. God opening other doors
6171. Jim cleaning up the kitchen
6172. Good and quick doctor appointment
6173. Hearing a healthy heartbeat
6174. Time to read God's Word
6175. Being challenged in how I respond to God's Word
6176. Hearing encouraging words back from earlier emails
6177. Jim and the kids wrestling
6178. Snuggling with Reuben
6179. God really working on me
6180. God's graciousness
6181. Watching Lillian act out the role of Lilo
6182. Gabriel jumping and laughing
6183. The sanctification marriage and children bring
6184. The encouragement from Ashley's current series Blessed Chaos
6185. Being reminded why we need community
6186. God teaching us in so many different ways
6187. Dinner with friends
6188. Having a full crowded table
6189. Taco bar
6190. Guacamole
6191. Karey playing with Jamey
6192. Seeing more of Jamey's imagination
6193. Jamey greeting our guests
6194. Getting to know each other better
6195. Discussing possibilities for the future
6196. Praying together
6197. Lots of laughs and interesting facts
6198. Coffee and upside down cake
6199. Great evening
6200. Smooth bedtime for the kids
6201. Good sleep
6202. Getting up and 5 of us out the door in 30 minutes
6203. Munchkins
6204. Getting to MOMStogether earlier than anticipated
6205. Kids helping put things up
6206. Excitement about going to class
6207. Being encouraged to be refreshed by God
6208. Being refreshed while listening to music and praying
6209. Seeing Lora
6210. Meeting people from different back grounds who have had natural deliveries
6211. Encouragement
6212. Meeting a Sister from East campus
6213. Giving Jim 4+ hours to work on homework
6214. Jim having a productive morning
6215. Eating a sandwich with little issue
6216. Getting to rest for a few minutes
6217. Time to go out in the side yard
6218. Having time of Solitude and silence
6219. Having a required assignment to have a time of silence and solitude
6220. Enjoying the nature in my yard
6221. Extended time in the Word
6222. Hearing God more clearly
6223. Time to pray
6224. Feeling movement of the Spirit in me more
6225. Learning more about battling the flesh
6226. Feeling strength from the Spirit to overcome
6227. Being reminded why we need times of silence and solitude with the Lord
6228. Time to journal and plan a little bit
6229. Pouring out my heart to God
6230. Watching the sun move
6231. Admiring the beauty of the grass
6232. Learning to appreciate and admire the small insects
6233. Admiring what God has made
6234. Learning
6235. Appreciating the small things
6236. 2 Hours alone with the Lord
6237. Having little reaction to the quinoa chili tonight
6238. 19 Kids and Counting being back on Netflix!!!
6239. Watching the kids dance
6240. Getting caught up on my blessings
6241. Learning gratitude
6242. Desiring a changed heart
6243. God moving in me
6244. Relatively smooth bedtime
6245. Time to relax
6246. Remembering where true rest comes from
6247. God always pursuing me
6248. Learning more about God's sovereignty
6249. God being sovereign over all things
6250. Snoozing until almost 9
6251. Feeling decent upon waking
6252. Grace and forgiveness
6253. Talking with Becca
6254. Kids playing outside
6255. Watching the kids run in the side yard
6256. Seeing Jamey beginning to learn responsibility
6257. Gabriel becoming a really good eater
6258. Cheap pizzas for lunch
6259. Nice rest time
6260. Getting a little cat nap
6261. Encouragement from the Duggar's show
6262. Jim sleeping well
6263. Having a little family time before Jim went to work
6264. Getting Becca interested in 19 Kids and Counting
6265. The kids enjoying some of the show
6266. Relatively smooth bed time
6267. Time to relax and sleep
6268. Lillian waking up to use the toilet
6269. Jim getting home safely
6270. Jamey sleeping until 7:30!
6271. Cinnamon Rolls
6272. Everyone getting ready in a timely fashion
6273. Sharing with Sisters
6274. Worshiping Jesus with a room full of Brothers and Sisters
6275. Being reminded that Jesus is Lord and He can do whatever He wants with my life, Jim's life and my kids' lives. He is in control!
6276. Being reminded of what it means to know Jesus
6277. Desiring to know Jesus more
6278. Seeing Brothers and Sisters from CG
6279. Parent Child Dedication
6280. Wendy's
6281. Eating healthy food with little reaction
6282. Getting a nap
6283. New season of Bones on Netflix
6284. Kids playing outside well together
6285. Hearing their imagination
6286. Listening to Jamey and Lillian talk to each other
6287. Talking with Jamey about his Sunday School lesson
6288. Hearing Jamey speak Truth
6289. God moving in Jamey's heart
6290. Time to pray for the W family
6291. Talking about the Holy Spirit
6292. Being around people with cool stories
6293. Talking respectfully about theology
6294. Organic prayer time
6295. Being moved by the Spirit
6296. Talking about Spiritual gifts
6297. God bringing different people together to serve Him
6298. God's faithfulness in all things
6299. Learning about different things
6300. Great conversation

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