Saturday, October 19, 2013

Use My Ransomed Life

"Now, Lord, I would be Yours alone 
And live so all might see 
The strength to follow Your commands 
Could never come from me 
O Father, use my ransomed life 
In any way You choose 
And let my song forever be 
My only boast is You" 
~All I Have Is Christ by Jordan Kauflin

Recently God has been teaching me so much about the Truth that I belong to Him and He can do whatever He desires with my life to bring Him glory. We are expecting our 5th child in just over 5 years. I have always desired a big family, but was not expecting it quite this quickly. In spite of that I am thrilled and excited that it has happened this way. Why? Because it shows God's power and His care for His people. More than that, with each child I have learned to trust God and His ways more as well as learned how to surrender more and more of my life to Him that I might bring Him glory in all things.

The song above we sing often at Sojourn and I encourage you to listen to it. As God has grown our family I have learned that all I really do have is Christ and He is all I need. I learn more how much I cannot be a good wife and mother on my own. I see more of my sin and just how deep it goes. God promises those who are in Christ will be conformed into His likeness (Romans 8:29) and with each child I can see myself being conformed more to His image. I realize that they see what I do and hear what I say. Am I reflecting Christ? Or am I being selfish, lazy, disobedient, afraid, etc? I am still all of those things, but by God's grace I am learning to be more like Christ in all of my life. And the reason I am learning this is because each day I am learning to say "Father, use my ransomed life in any way You choose". Is it easy? No! And sometimes I do things my own way. But letting God use my life is worth the apparent cost for the blessing of knowing God and His character more. 

Christ is all there is! How is He wanting to use your life today?

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