Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June Blessings

June has flown by. This month has been about preparation for our newest little one and it has kept us busy. God has blessed us so much and taught us a lot as we wait for our babe. Here are some of the ways we have been blessed.

  1. Having a Mama's Day Out to prep for birth
  2. Being able to get a really relaxing massage
  3. Really yummy sandwich at Panera
  4. Time to pray and read in preparation to give birth
  5. Getting on the launch team for The Quiet Fight Among Women
  6. Nice cool weather
  7. Good conversation at Playgroup
  8. Really talking with Jim
  9. Ruby Tuesday's for dinner
  10. Good doctor's appointment
  11. Really good morning at home
  12. Starting individual reading time
  13. Having an afternoon to work on things
  14. Going to our summer playgroup
  15. Getting info for co-op in the fall
  16. talking with Ashley
  17. Long rest time
  18. Getting some editing started
  19. Doing unit 1 in The Quiet Fight Among Women
  20. Talking through things I need to do with Jim
  21. Finishing major house cleaning
  22. Mostly done with organizing
  23. Sam walking!
  24. Dinner with the Wilburn's, Pate's and Tyler
  25. Kids playing well together
  26. Learning about hypocrisy
  27. Getting a new bunk bed for free
  28. Introducing Jim and the kids to "Split Infinity"
  29. Relaxing Day
  30. Fraps
  31. Panera sandwich
  32. Starting Jamey's summer catch up plans
  33. Reading Psalm 127 and 128
  34. Running ahead of schedule
  35. Jamey reading his Bible
  36. Unit 2 in The Quiet Fight Among Women
  37. Scones to go with eggs and shakes for breakfast
  38. God giving us His word and Himself, He is faithful
  39. Lillian helping the boys get dressed
  40. The pool being open so I can do water aerobics!
  41. Monkey Wrench
  42. Sleeping until 9 am!
  43. Reading with the boys
  44. Good doctor appointment
  45. Pizza for dinner
  46. Nice family evening
  47. Getting packed for our overnight away
  48. Sleeping until 8!
  49. Getting my hair trimmed at a salon!
  50. Becca getting home earlier than expected
  51. Going away with Jim for the night
  52. Having a really nice 11th anniversary!
  53. Getting "Mom's Nigh Out"
  54. Talking with Jim
  55. Exploring Half Priced Books
  56. Melting Pot for dinner
  57. Contractions!
  58. Celebrating a friend's birthday
  59. Connecting with people
  60. Hanging out
  61. Contracting all day
  62. Talking to Kimberly
  63. Jamey praying for the Baby to come
  64. Great sermon on sexuality
  65. The Whole house napping!!!!!
  66. Good conversation
  67. Teaching our kids about prayer
  68. Jim leading in teaching our kids about prayer
  69. Walking Jamey and Lillian to VBS
  70. Reading a chapter in Narnia
  71. Water Aerobics
  72. God loving me and walking with me
  73. Connecting at CG
  74. Salad for dinner
  75. Good conversation with Jim
  76. Being 1 cm dilated
  77. Jim talking to his Mom!!!!!
  78. Nice date night
  79. Working on better communication together
  80. Getting Jamey and Lillian to VBS with all 5 kids in toe
  81. Getting some editing done
  82. Running into the Wilburn's and Stember's
  83. Good time with the Lord
  84. God reminding me of who He is and His deep love for me
  85. Getting schedules and budget worked out
  86. Editing
  87. Writing Group!
  88. Seeing Claire before she leaves
  89. Learning about formatting for Kindle
  90. Spending some time with Ashley
  91. Quiet evening at home
  92. Learning more about Jesus and what I believe
  93. Everyone taking a nap
  94. Jim getting to talk to his dad and brother
  95. Playdate at Kimberly's! 
  96. Kids playing well together
  97. Pierce helping with Sam
  98. Meeting Dawn to catch up and pray
  99. Getting to playgroup
  100. Ice cold showers
  101. Time to rest
  102. Water Aerobics
  103. Being prayed for
  104. Lindsay being able to pick me up
  105. Ice Cream sundaes and brownies
  106. Talking about our doubts and struggles
  107. Getting some catch up work done with Jamey
  108. Being 3 cm dilated!
  109. Weird Al concert with Jim
  110. Lots of laughing
  111. Going to the zoo as a family
  112. Seeing Lego statues
  113. Water Aerobics
  114. Catching up with people
  115. Doing Unit 3 of The Quiet Fight Among Women
  116. God teaching me how to let Him be God in the waiting
  117. Pizza for dinner
  118. Time to meet with Jessica
  119. Parents getting to Louisville safely
  120. Talking with Becca
  121. Productive afternoon
  122. Welcoming Nehemiah Ezra to our family!
  123. Jamey praying to be obedient and respectful
  124. Praying together as a family
  125. God's timing
  126. Fast delivery
  127. Everyone getting to come meet Nehemiah
  128. Getting 6 hours of sleep 
  129. Nehemiah sleeping for 6 hours
  130. Napping throughout the day
  131. Nehemiah eating well
  132. Watching HGTV
  133. Lots of good movies available to watch
  134. Good food
  135. Being able to sleep 5 hours
  136. Our pediatrician helping get some stuff figured out
  137. Really good hospital photographer
  138. Getting to bring Nehemiah home
  139. Napping
  140. Nehemiah being a good eater
  141. Watching Jim comfort Reuben
  142. Opportunities to love on our children
  143. Having extra hands
  144. God's continuous love for our family
  145. Becoming a family of 8

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