Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Unit Two Preview: The Quiet Fight Among Women

I completed unit two of The Quiet Fight Among Women yesterday and it could not have been more timely. It is exactly where God has been helping me see my sin and how I want to go deeper with many women, not just one or two. It also reminded me to live the life God has given me to live.

3 Quotes that stood out to me:

"Just because your lifestyle choice might offend someone else does not mean you need to apologize for it or stop living it."

"We are in a dangerous place spiritually when we cannot allow others to live differently than we do or to speak into our lives to call out sin."

"If we take personal offense to the exposure of sin in our lives, it could be because we unknowingly allow sin to contribute to our identity, to define us."

Will you join me in this journey to break the quiet fight?

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