Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Screwtape Letters

This book was chosen as my satirical classic for the Back to the Classics challenge I am working through this year, as those books written from a spiritual perspective often fall into this category. However, as I read this book I am not sure how satirical it really is. It is very obvious Lewis was given some insight into how spiritual warfare works and I could see issues with myself and others in the advice Screwtape was giving to Wormwood. This book is very thought provoking and, no doubt, there are many who would see this classic as satirical. I found it very enlightening as to how to be more on guard to the schemes of Satan and his demons. 

I did not always agree with the theology presented in the letters. (Perhaps that might be the satirical part for me.) At times some of the wording and phraseology was weird and I had to read it a couple of times to really understand it. 

As a whole, however, I enjoyed reading this and at times found it a bit scary and too realistic. I highly recommend this book for anyone, but especially for Christians and those wanting to better understand spiritual warfare.

4 Stars for this classic

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  1. I read this for my humorous or satirical classic, and as I went to list it at the Back to the Classics page, I saw you had as well. I wasn't sure how Lewis would handle such a serious subject with humor, but I thought it worked and it was amazingly insightful. I think it will help me be on guard for some things, too.