Sunday, June 23, 2013

June 17 to 23

2851. Gabriel sleeping until 6 (moving in the right direction)
2852. Getting a lot accomplished during school time
2853. Reuben really engaging during school
2854. Getting several Russian lessons done
2855. The kids doing really well with the Russian lessons
2856. Jamey already being able to translate a little both ways
2857. Going on a lunch date with Jim
2858. Trying a new place
2859. Getting 1 of our meals free!
2860. Talking some about the future
2861. Looking at lots of possibilities
2862. Getting excited about where God may take us (there are so many possibilities)
2863. Getting lots of work done in the living room
2864. Kids helping to clean
2865. Going through toys and doing some purging and reorganizing
2866. Getting a bag of stuff together for giveaway/sell
2867. Only being tempted once to turn the TV on
2868. Remembering that having the TV on would distract me from what I was attempting to accomplish
2869. All the kids resting well for 2 hours!
2870. Gabriel hugging so strong and not wanting to let go
2871. Reuben's kisses
2872. Reuben communicating so much more (I LOVE IT!)
2873. Having an impromptu sing session with Becca
2874. Yummy black bean burgers
2875. Organizing the books downstairs
2876. Knowing that God's grace extends to my back and forthness
2877. Skyping with a friend
2878. Learning more about God's work around the world
2879. Gabriel's giant smile and bright eyes even at 9 pm
2880. Jamey and Lillian both straying dry all night!!!!!
2881. Getting close to catching up on my Bible reading
2882. Nice time of prayer
2883. Getting a few more things done during school than I expected
2884. Jamey wanting to do book work
2885. Reuben starting to put puzzles together and fit shapes together
2886. Loving to learn languages
2887. Walking to playgroup
2888. Jamey playing really hard and with other kids! (This is seriously a huge praise)
2889. Reuben playing with 2 other boys his age
2890. Finishing most of what needed to be done in the living room (the rest can wait until our next major clean :) )
2891. Gabriel trying to sit up and play with toys
2892. 4 napping children!
2893. Great deals at McDonald's
2894. Having a moment to sit
2895. Opportunities to serve in different ways coming up
2896. Writing a blog post
2897. Getting back on My Fitness Pal
2898. Being able to wear dresses out again
2899. Going to community group
2900. Meeting a new Sister at CG
2901. Having a full house
2902. Talking about the Trinity
2903. Sharing about the Holy Spirit
2904. Being in a group that discusses things well and thoroughly with grace
2905. Officially being under apprenticeship for CG
2906. Learning more about where there is need in Shelby Park
2907. Being stretched and grown
2908. Ice cream!
2909. Everyone sleeping until after 6
2910. Time to pray and read
2911. Being led by the Spirit to pray
2912. Gabriel joining us for school for a while
2913. Jim reading during school time
2914. Doing another week of Language Arts
2915. Getting some organizing done in the office
2916. Finding more things to purge
2917. Kids playing outside for 2 hours
2918. Jamey reading well
2919. Lillian's spunky personality
2920. Lillian helping Reuben
2921. Reuben examining the garden with me
2922. Reuben trying to say "Gabriel"
2923. Reuben saying lettuce
2924. Gabriel's giant hugs and not wanting to let go (so sweet)
2925. Gabriel having a gigglefest for about 10 minutes
2926. Reuben loving on Gabriel
2927. Learning more about myself and areas that really need to be improved
2928. Getting blog posts written
2929. Getting an important email written
2930. Lots of laughs at dinner tonight
2931. Lillian taking a nice long nap
2932. Reuben repeating Genesis 1:1 during Family worship!
2933. Reuben responding to questions from the Bible
2934. Dreaming of where God will take the children He has given me
2935. Going to our first CG sync meeting
2936. Walking to and from church
2937. Lillian being so excited to go to church with Daddy and Mama by herself
2938. Pizza!
2939. Talking about what God is doing around us
2940. Planning a Sojourn picnic in the park
2941. Talking about reaching our neighbors
2942. Seeing our neighbor out on the walk home
2943. Having 4 wonderful kids
2944. Having people around us who care about the little things
2945. Being reminded we are created for community bc God lives in community
2946. Beginning to get motivated to be more healthy
2947. Desiring to live a healthy lifestyle for God's glory
2948. Seeking what a healthy lifestyle looks like on a budget
2949. Lillian's smile and passion for living life
2950. Everyone sleeping until after 6:30 with slow get out of bed time
2951. A relaxed morning
2952. Yummy breakfast!
2953. Becca making said yummy breakfast
2954. Reading God's Word
2955. Praying to a personal God who loves and cares for me
2956. Spontaneous blog post
2957. Productive school time
2958. Reuben becoming more engaged
2959. Jim helping with school
2960. Lillian reading a couple of new words with little help!
2961. Jamey making all kinds of connections
2962. Getting the closet in the school room organized so I know what's in there
2963. Purging more stuff
2964. Going through gift bags, sheets and toys
2965. Teaching the kids geography during lunch
2966. Garden growing more everyday
2967. Jamey's imagination growing
2968. Jim and Jamey building an amazing train out of all the duplos we own
2969. Lillian helping a lot
2970. The kids cleaning both bathrooms (with some help from Aunt Bec-bec)
2971. Gabriel eating more and beginning to sleep more
2972. Starting to feel more rested
2973. Getting an important email written
2974. Getting encouragement from people I have not seen in a while
2945. Batch cooking quinoa chili!
2946. Family movie night
2947. Spending time together as a family
2948. Smooth bedtime
2949. Getting some stuff done with email
2950. Realizing I don't have to do surveys even when I think I should
2951. Being convicted of not keeping my priorities the last couple of days
2952. God's grace and gentle reminder of being called to more when I fall into my lazy patterns
2953. A slight resurgence of milk!
2954. Waking with time to pray and read extra this morning 
2955. Being reminded of the fleetingness of life
2956. Having a place to hang things outside to dry in a desperate situation (or seemingly desperate :) )
2957. Jim doing all of school this morning
2958. Getting errands run before meeting for a playgroup
2959. My contacts being ready for pick up while on that side of town
2960. Discovering a new playground
2961. Reconnecting with Gina
2962. Finding out there is a homeschool co-op that you can use box tops to help pay for it
2963. Jamey playing with other kids
2964. Lillian playing with other kids
2965. Lots of activity
2966. Encouraging and uplifting conversation
2967. Beautiful weather
2968. Washing my hair
2969. More time to pray
2970. Getting another important email written
2971. Working on childbirth information
2972. Getting emails read
2973. Taking a couple of surveys
2974. Reading an encouraging blog post
2975. Being reminded it's a blessing and a privilege to be a stay at home mom
2976. Very smooth bed time
2977. Helping out with dinner 
2978. Jamey napping
2979. Hearing from Karey
2980. More connections between friends
2981. Hearing good news from a friend who moved away
2982. Wrestling with God
2983. Being reminded God is sovereign over all things even when I do not understand
2984. God is God and I am not
2985. Getting a good workout on Wii fit
2986. Feeling sore 
2987. Weight coming back down (I'm fluctuating a lot right now)
2988. Feeling more alert
2989. Being able to pray and read even with the kids running around
2990. Being able to pray
2991. Not being super sore when I woke up this morning
2992. Still feeling the effects of exercise
2993. Listening to Lillian count backwards
2994. Jamey and Lillian eager to help with Gabriel
2995. Snuggle time with the kids
2996. Being stretched and grown even more
2997. No show for writing group again
2998. Hearing from Asmaa!!!
2999. Time to journal and read
3000. God's timing and the time He gives me
3001. Hearing great truths and insight from a Sister's book
3002. Great breakfast and coffee
3003. God's goodness
3004. Seeking to pray more in the Spirit again.
3005. Nick arriving in Louisville safely
3006. Getting some house work done with the kids
3007. Embracing teaching moments
3008. Stealing a few moments with Gabriel
3009. Praying over Gabriel and speaking Truth to him
3010. Praying over Reuben
3011. Kids growing in their love for playing outside
3012. Learning to pray without ceasing
3013. Learning to trust God more everyday
3014. Jamey voicing he had sinned against God! (I love these little moments where we see Truth coming out of His mouth. Praying they will penetrate his heart.)
3015. Noemi getting here safely
3016. The kids greeting Noemi very warmly with lots of hugs
3017. Relaxing evening
3018. Smooth bedtime
3019. Talking with Noemi
3020. Being able to just chill and have uplifting conversation
3021. Getting little sleep but still feeling refreshed (amazing what a difference in evening does)
3022. Nice morning 
3023. Getting to read and pray
3024. Kids playing outside
3025. An amazing time of worship
3026. Learning about God's wrath
3027. Learning that anger and love actually go hand in hand not opposites
3028. Seeing people that we don't get to see much
3029. Worshiping with people from CG
3030. Jamey loving his class
3031. Seeing Karey and getting dinner worked out
3032. Cookout with Community in Shelby park
3033. All of the kids playing out in the rain
3034. Reuben really enjoying the rain and exploring the park
3035. Jamey and Lillian not freaking out about water falling on their heads!
3036. Hot dogs and fellowship
3037. Meeting new people at the park
3038. Potential relationships to build
3039. Seeing our neighbors outside
3040. God's meetings
3041. God is Holy!
3042. Jamey and Lillian asking to play Wii Fit (their current favorite video game :) )
3043. Praying with Brothers for our workers
3044. Being in an environment to share many requests
3045. Being filled with the Spirit to pray
3046. Encouragement through prayer
3047. Coming together for a common purpose in the Body
3048. Getting meal plans done with Jim and Noemi
3049. Anticipating eating Romanian food this week
3050. True deep God given friendships

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