Sunday, June 2, 2013

May 27 to June 2

After our recent sermons about God's goodness and faithfulness I wanted to write a reminder to myself and others about why I write these lists. These are to remind me of God's blessings and to let others see God's goodness in the every day goings of life. We live in a hard world, but God is good and faithful to His people. These are longs lists and I honestly do not expect people to read everyone, but to me it's worth recording God's blessings and give Him praise for His goodness everyday.

2111. Everyone getting up and ready early this morning
2112. Starting school by 7am
2113. Great discussion after one of our stories
2114. Getting a little more work done than I had anticipated during school
2115. Everyone going to the grocery store
2116. Jamey and Lillian playing well together in the car grocery cart
2117. Meeting a Sister at the grocery store
2118. Getting to help a Sister prepare for Labor and childbirth!
2119. Learning more of what people want to know about labor and childbirth
2120. Practicing teaching and explaining
2121. Being given the privilege of praying for a Sister and her family
2122. Gabriel doing very well during our time of teaching and learning
2123. Yummy Sandwiches
2124. Working on cataloging kids books
2125. Kids going through puzzles
2126. Lillian cheering on her brothers
2127. Lillian being in a great mood most of the day
2128. Seeing God's grace at work
2129. Jamey saving the last bite of banana for Lillian
2130. Gabriel eating a few bites of banana
2131. All of our kids liking bath time
2132. Family movie night
2133. Homemade kettle corn
2134. Lillian being funny: Climbing on Jim's back she says "The horse is dead. Let's ride the zebra."
2135. Relaxing evening
2136. Reuben saying, "In Jesus Name, Amen"!
2137. Gabriel sleeping 12 hours again!
2138. Gabriel turning 6 months!
2139. Eggs and oatmeal for breakfast
2140. Good school time
2141. Jamey growing in reading
2142. Jamey loving to draw
2143. Lillian growing in loving to learn
2144. Teaching the kids to listen
2145. Playgroup
2146. Seeing Yvonne, Apple and Zane
2147. Learning about Montessori
2148. Eating lunch at the park
2149. Making potato salad as a family
2150. Jamey and Lillian wanting to play outside after coming home from the park
2151. Playing a game with Jim
2152. Enjoying being together
2153. Jim having a productive morning
2154. Water Aerobics
2155. Seeing several friends that I have not seen in awhile
2156. Hot tub!
2157. Getting info to find out possibilities for class
2158. JIM TURNING 30!
2159. CG in the park
2160. Meeting new people
2161. Encouraging conversations
2162. Fun pictures
2163. Ice cream cake
2164. Whole family going to CG
2165. Great day!
2166. Everyone sleeping later this morning
2167. Free Chick-fil-A breakfast!
2168. Great check-up for Gabriel
2169. Seeing Ashley at Target
2170. Pulling off birthday surprises :)
2171. Gabriel not losing weight
2172. BBQ Ribs and Baked potatoes
2173. Yummy cake
2174. Going away alone with Jim!
2175. Seeing the beautiful country side
2176. Seeing a vineyard
2177. Yummy cheese tray with crackers
2178. Beautiful view from our room
2179. Nice lodge
2180. Comfy bed
2181. Yummy breakfast
2182. Nice weather
2183. Having my sisters here to stay with the kids so we can go away
2184. Gabriel doing relatively well with the bottles
2185. Pumps
2186. Family morning at the pool
2187. Gabriel mostly loving the water
2188. Reuben hanging out in the pool
2189. Reuben trying to swim
2190. Lillian jumping off the stairs and going under the water
2191. Lillian trying to swim
2192. Jamey jumping off the side
2193. All splashing and playing in the kiddie pool together
2194. Stealing a few moments with Jim in the hot tub
2195. Chick-fil-A
2196. Kids resting
2197. Getting our school room much more organized
2198. Getting all of our books cataloged
2199. No one coming to writing group
2200. Having time to sit, journal and pray for an hour
2201. Really good breakfast
2202. Getting school stuff organized by category
2203. Jim able to sleep all day
2204. Getting emails written
2205. Daddy and Mom getting here safely
2206. Jamey singing Psalm 23, 67 and 1 to his own tune (perhaps a song writer in the making?)
2207. Walking to church
2208. Beautiful weather
2209. Watching the kids discover and play with "rolly pollies"
2210. Learning about God's justice
2211. Hearing a new original song by Chad Lewis on his new Scarlet Hope album
2212. Yummy Mexican lunch
2213. Being out in the yard working as a family
2214. Getting more emails sent
2215. Quiet rest time
2216. Pizza!
2217. Cake!
2218. Lying with Lillian while she went to sleep
2219. Talking about writing with Kalina
2220.Gabriel doing well with a bottle

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