Sunday, June 30, 2013

June 24 to 30

3051. Laughter
3052. Life
3053. Waking mostly rested with little sleep
3054. Getting to pray
3055. Getting to read several chapters in my Bible
3056. Jim doing school
3057. The kids responding well to his teaching
3058. Reuben getting good at doing puzzles
3059. Jamey doing well with his book work
3060. Grocery shopping with Noemi
3061. Spending way less than I normally do at the grocery store but with enough food for the week!
3062. Gabriel's giant smiles
3063. Seeing Gabriel starting to come into his own face
3064. Trying Uncle Maddio's for lunch
3065. Good price for lunch
3066. Quiet afternoon
3067. L, R and G all napping at the same time!
3068. Stimulating theological conversation
3069. Jamey playing well by himself
3070. Seeing Jamey's imagination grow
3071. Jamey's building skills improving
3072. Learning to make Romanian food
3073. Learning more things in theology
3074. Friends who are always challenging you
3075. Mamaliga with stew!
3076. Jamey eating 2 bowls of Mamaliga
3077. Finding out I like chicken gizzards
3078. Romanian sweets
3079. Kids who love to communicate
3080. Getting Home Alone 2 for $5
3081. Watching Home Alone 2
3082. Being able to enjoy a funny movie while also evaluating it
3083. Smooth bed time even with naps today
3084. Being able to enjoy life now
3085. Gabriel's laughs and talking
3086. Noemi making dinner
3087. Jim doing school again
3088. Kids responding well to Jim doing school
3089. Productive morning
3090. Jamey getting a lot of school work done (that boy loves to work)
3091. Great time at playgroup
3092. Hanging out with Erin, Amir and Adam
3093. Gabriel swinging at the park
3094. Hanging out with Esther, Jude and Haddie
3095. Hanging out with Margaret, Max and Sloan
3096. Being asked about the development of the childbirth class
3097. Finding out about cute, modest swimwear (still not quite what I'm looking for though, so if you know about modest swimwear pass along your knowledge)
3098. Reuben handling confrontation well
3099. Reuben going to play with friends from church in the water and coming back when they left
3100. Jamey getting a lot of language arts work done
3101. Lauren being able to babysit for us
3102. Great time at CG
3103. Being able to discuss God's wrath in a loving way
3104. Learning more about God's wrath
3105. Stimulating conversation
3106. Full house at CG
3107. Super yummy watermelon
3108. Yummy coffee
3109. Lots of laughs with Brothers and Sisters
3110. Making Salam de biscuit
3111. Walking along the river with Noemi
3112. Real conversation
3113. Introducing Noemi to Kale and Quinoa Quiche (she has never had any of them)
3114. Really good quiche
3115. Learning to make Romanian chicken and rice
3116. Getting a little nap
3117. All 4 kids napping
3118. Learning with Noemi
3119. Deep conversations on eschatology
3120. Supporting and challenging each other
3121. Kids eating well
3122. Going to a prayer meeting
3123. Hearing people pray mightily for God to move
3124. Seeing Marie
3125. Being able to give Marie a ride home
3126. God letting up the storm long enough for us to get to the prayer meeting just as I had prayed at dinner
3127. Having more than one door to get in the house with our strange set up
3128. Gabriel sitting up on his own!
3129. Learning how to make meringue
3130. Kids going to bed well
3131. Sleeping in!
3132. Going to the seminary to play
3133. Going to the Fishers for lunch
3134. Noemi being very go with the flow
3135. Noemi being able to stay a couple extra days to help with the kids while Jim was in class
3136. Super yummy Shepherds pie
3137. Kids playing well with other kids
3138. Reuben and Gabriel doing well with little sleep
3139. Learning to make sarmale
3140. Talking about home school
3141. Being able to help and encourage others
3142. Finding out more friends want to work overseas or with internationals
3143. God providing in mysterious ways
3144. Reuben's gigantic hugs
3145. Jamey reading part of 1 Corinthians 13 with little help!
3146. Kids who already desire to pray
3147. Taking pictures with Noemi
3148. Kids being pretty flexible
3149. Kids missing Noemi as soon as she left
3150. Flexibility of homeschooling
3151. Making it through the Story about Mr. Tod (that thing was way too long!)
3152. Finishing a Russian unit
3153. Nice rest time
3154. Taking a nap
3155. Pizza!
3156. Jim getting his midterm completed
3157. Smooth bed time
3158. The Avengers being on netflix
3159. Watching The Avengers with Jim
3160. God not letting tension go
3161. Talking with Jim
3162. Great sleep
3163. Kids sleeping until after 6 am
3164. Jamey staying dry over night all week!
3165. Jamey sleeping in normal underwear
3166. Kids growing up
3167. Starting to teach more lessons that involve abstract concepts
3168. Running errands in a timely manner
3169. Getting more pens to better color code my calendar for free!
3170. Lemon Liberte Greek Yogurt on sale!
3171. Running into Hanell at the library
3172. Hearing more hearts for the nations
3173. Talking home school options
3174. Discussing evaluating school by year
3175. Getting another book from the library for research for childbirth class/book
3176. Leftover lunch
3177. Getting emails sent for women's prayer
3178. Friendship
3179. Being called to serve workers and be a part of their work
3180. Reuben asking to pray
3181. Playing Wii fit as a family
3182. The kids loving to play Wii fit
3183. Smooth bed time
3184. Seeing Jamey's imagination come out
3185. Having a relaxed morning but still getting ready for church on time
3186. Getting to pray and read my Bible this morning
3187. Learning about the passionate love of God
3188. Studying the "Prodigal Son" in a new light
3189. Seeing God's extraordinary love for me
3190. Celebrating baptisms!
3191. Seeing the amazing work of God's grace
3192. Ending corporate worship with a "dance party"
3193. Seeing Melanie and sitting with her in church
3194. Finding out people from CG are having a girl!
3195. Seeing Stephanie
3196. Finally meeting Rebekah
3197. Rebekah hopefully being able to come to Women's prayer
3198. Finalizing dinner plans for Monday with the Allen's
3199. Working out time for the Fisher family to come over
3200. Finding out 2 families will definitely be coming to Women's Prayer
3201. Being reminded that following God's call even when it is time consuming and challenging is so important and really matters
3202. Being encouraged to continue where we are led
3203. God continually opening doors
3203. Great conversation at lunch
3204. Hearing Truth come out of my kids' mouths
3205. Jamey verbalizing the Trinity in his own words accurately!
3206. Being challenged as a parent every day
3207. Reuben wanting to read
3208. Making cookies from scratch
3209. Jamey and Reuben reading a magazine together
3210. Jamey teaching Reuben
3211. Having children
3212. Meeting our new neighbors
3213. Finding out our neighbors are also nurses!
3214. Kids doing well while talking to the neighbors
3215. Hearing other people had invited/recommended Sojourn to our neighbors
3216. Playing outside
3217. Beautiful weather
3218. Eating leftovers
3219. Hearing kids speak Truth
3220. Jamey's imagination going full speed ahead with his Legos
3221. Getting meal planning and grocery list done in a fairly short amount of time
3222. Getting bag cleaned out and coupons sorted
3223. Having family time
3224. Finding out Ladybugs is on Netflix
3225. Gabriel wanting to look outside
3226. Gabriel beginning to communicate more clearly
3227. The garden growing and looking beautiful
3228. God blessing our efforts
3229. Rain watering our garden on several evenings
3230. God's goodness to us

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