Friday, June 7, 2013

You Are A Writer by Jeff Goins

I am so thankful I read this book. This book is a great, too the point, yet personal approach to getting started as a writer. As someone who has considered myself a writer of sorts for for at least 15 years, it was such an encouragement. I love the idea of calling yourself a writer even if you are not published. (I have already begun to practice this.) Having struggled for quite some time this concept is essential for writers to grasp and it is well covered and encouraged in this book.
Goins spends a lot of time explaining the writing and publishing process. I am thankful for the reminder that writing is work. To be a writer that publishes regularly and sells it is a full-time job. He really help to explain the process and discuss ways to get your name and work out there. He gives a good outline of what it takes to be a writer in our culture today.
The honesty and straightforwardness is very refreshing. The style is easy to read and is like having a conversation with Jeff Goins. If you are a writer or think you want to be one, this book is a great resource and I highly recommend it.
I received a free copy of this book from Story Cartel for review.

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