Monday, February 24, 2014

Growing Together Spiritually

As Christians in a Christian marriage it is important to grow spiritually, not only as individuals but together. Our faith in Christ is what holds us together and we need to seek Him together. How can we do this?

  • Pray together- Prayer connects us to God and to each other. Last week I talked about praying for your husband, and it is just as important to pray with your husband. Praying the Scriptures together, praying for each other and for others together grow us together. Keep track of specific requests that God answers and praise Him together. 
  • Encourage each other with the Word- This can take different forms such as reading the Bible together, telling each other Scripture, speaking the Gospel to each other, etc. The Bible is God's Word, which we know is true. Seek to know the Word together. 
  • Go to church together- Be united in where you are going to church and seek where God wants to use you. Be committed to going to church every week to worship and serve together. 
  • Be in fellowship with other believers- Aside from gathering with the Body to worship, we need to be around other believers regularly. This takes different forms, but seek to be in fellowship times other than Sunday morning and Wednesday night (or whatever night your church has activities). And remember to have fun with them. Sometimes I forget this one! We are living life together so enjoy being with other believers.
  • Seek to share the Gospel together- This will look different in different seasons. As parents we should always be sharing the Gospel with our kids. We should also be seeking to share the Gospel with those around us whether it is friends or co-workers. Have people in your home and be intentional about sharing and showing the love of Christ.
  • Serve together- This will also look different, but find out where your gifts are best suited and serve in ministry together with your local church. This is being the Body.
These are just a few ways you can seek to grow spiritually together. God desires for spouses to be one completely, including spiritually. Have good conversations and seek how to grow regularly in this area.

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