Monday, February 17, 2014

Pray For Your Husband

I am reminded over and over again how important this is, and today I want to share a little about this with you. 

Praying for your husband is the most important thing you can do for him. Why? Because men are designed by God to be the head of their home and Satan desires to attack him. Satan desires to destroy men and keep them from doing their job. Our husbands are always in a battle and we help them to fight by praying for them.

What should you pray for your husband?

  • His walk with the Lord, growing closer to Him everyday
  • Strength to stand firm in his faith and conviction
  • For the Holy Spirit to fill him every moment
  • To be the man that God desires for him to be
  • Become more Christlike
  • To fight sin
I could go on, but you get the idea. With this ask your husband how you can pray for him. What is he struggling with? Where does he need extra support? You have to talk to your husband to know what he needs. Look for Scripture and pray over your husband. 

Make sure you are praying for him and not just about him! I was reminded of this recently and I think this is important as well. We can absolutely talk to God about what is going on with our husband and relationship, but we need to also pray for him. There is a difference. 

Be fervent in prayer for your husband. When we pray we are helping him in the battle. When we pray things happen!

How can you begin praying for your husband today?

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