Saturday, February 22, 2014

Jamey Is 5!

It's hard to believe that 5 years ago today I gave birth to my first born, my handsome boy James Marshall Jr. Our family has been so blessed by his life. It is amazing to watch him grow and learn and discover who he is as well as who he is becoming.

Jamey loves to learn. Bible, history, reading, writing, math, spelling, geography you name it he wants to know it. His favorite time of the day is school. When we have a short day he makes sure he tells us what we missed. He loves to sing his Bible verse songs and dance to them.

Jamey loves to laugh and finds any opportunity to be silly. He loves his Daddy. He often thinks he is in charge and will "parent" his siblings. He loves to play "the dance game" and is beginning to get really good at it. He loves to wrestle with Jim and Reuben and is beginning to teach Gabriel how to wrestle. (The word gentle is still a little foreign.) This past week Jamey has learned how to whistle and is enjoying practicing and improving this skill. He is beginning to develop his sense of style and figuring out who he is. With that he is quite opinionated.

Jamey is just fun! Seriously. Some days he drives us crazy since he has strong genes, is the first born and is too smart for his own good, but generally speaking he is so much fun to be around. It is such a pleasure being able to teach him, raise him, and do our best to show him Godliness. We are constantly reminded that he is only in our home, under our care for a short time and will all too quickly be out in the world. We realize how much we still need to teach him and praying that God will show Jamey His goodness and grace through us every day.

Father, God, Thank You so much for Jamey's life. Thank You for giving us 5 years with him. We pray you will continue to work in his life, teaching him Your truth, convicting him of sin and saving him by Your grace. Help us to be the parents we need to be, to teach him everything we know about You and a love and trust for you. Draw Jamey to Your side and show him Your unfailing love.

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