Monday, February 10, 2014

Stay Connected and Invest

With Valentine's day approaching, there is a lot about love out there and making the day special. I know some people are really into the holiday so I would love to share a little about connecting and investing in your marriage continually, not just one day a year.

Marriage is a commitment, and we are to be committed to both God and each other. Marriage is a priority 365 days a year, not just one!

We must pay attention to each other: listen to your spouse's needs, dreams, desires. Study them and seek to give them attention whenever possible.

Give your spouse your approval. I don't mean you have to approve of everything they do. They are sinners as are you and both of you will do things that need to be worked on. What I do mean is to compliment them, tell them when they have done something well, speak fondly of them both in and out of the presence and go out of your way to find something good to speak about.

Show gratitude for what they do. Be specific when you say thank you

Encourage them! I have heard several times recently that to give someone encouragement is to give them courage. Give them your confidence, letting them know you believe in them to do the right thing. Give them the assurance of your prayers. Let them know you are on their team.

Give affection. This is not sexual, simply a way to connect with touches, glances, pet names, etc. Be sure to show affection in front of their kids.

Physical Intimacy is also very important. It is something that only you can give your spouse. Give freely!

Invest in your marriage daily. Know your spouse and what they need. Pray for your spouse and be willing to give of yourself.

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