Friday, February 14, 2014

Sexual Intimacy in Marriage by William Cutrer MD and Sandra Glahn

This book was part of a marriage class that Jim and I took last semester at the seminary. Being Valentine's day I thought it an appropriate day to review it.

This book is very practical and easy to read. It is factual as it is written in part by a former OB/GYN as well as Biblical in nature, making it a great combination for anyone to read. I like that it encourages couples to talk to each other about what they are feeling and how they are struggling. I also appreciate it's emphasis on the joy of a vibrant sexual relationship within the marriage relationship and the struggles that can keep this from happening. In the back of the book is a guide to help couples talk through their preferences, which is an added resource. I also like that they focused on good communication throughout the book, as this is key in all relationships.  It is a great book for all married people, particularly those that are newly weds or struggling with intimacy.

The things I did not like about the book: 1) I am not sure I completely agree with some of their advice and conclusions. 2) Some of the books set up was a bit awkward.

Overall I would recommend this book to almost anyone.

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