Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Mission of Jesus

This past Sunday we studies John 17, the prayer of Jesus that He prays for Himself, His disciples and those who follow Him throughout time. A couple of things really stood out to me from this.

First God is on a mission to bring Himself glory above all else. I have heard this a lot the past couple of years, but I must be reminded of it constantly as it is not the normal in my mind. Jesus came to bring glory to God the Father by reconciling His people to Himself. In this Christ is glorified. This is resounded throughout the whole prayer of Jesus. May we seek to bring glory to God in all we do and invite others to do the same through putting their faith in the saving work of Jesus Christ.

The second thing that stood out to me was the overarching theme of unity. As Jesus prays we see Him talking about the unity of the Father and Son, ask for unity among His disciples as well as all those who would follow Christ until He comes back to take His people home. It struck me as I read this section on unity that our unity is to be in Christ alone, bring glory to God the Father the way that Jesus did. Our unity is not contingent on the way we dress, the way we vote, what music or movies we like, the way we conduct our worship services or the jobs we have. We are to be unified in our diversity. If we were all alike then who would be the foot, the hand or the eye. Diversity is needed in the church with the underlying understanding that Christ is the Head, we are the body and we are to follow Him and His ways. This does not mean we do not address sin, but that our preferences really do not matter in the grand scheme. Our preferences should make us stronger together and not cause division.

Are you seeking to glorify God in all you do? Are you unified with with Body?

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