Thursday, April 30, 2015

April Blessings

It's hard to believe April is gone. God has really blessed us this month, even when things were crazy or tough. We serve a truly awesome God!

  1. Gabriel singing "Sing and Shout"
  2. Getting a lot of school done
  3. Going to Shelby Park
  4. Finishing the school week early
  5. Making Amish Friendship Bread with Jame and Lillian
  6. Reuben and Gabriel singing and dancing to "Sing and Shout" together
  7. Great dentist appointments for all the kids
  8. Celebrating Passover and Good Friday in the same day
  9. Jim not working on a Saturday
  10. Having a relaxing family day
  11. Emmie's Family getting to our house safely
  12. Jesus is Risen! 
  13. Celebrating Easter
  14. The kids learning to play dominoes
  15. Reuben picking up on games
  16. Jim getting to come home early
  17. Jim being saved for 12 years
  18. Breakfast at Wild Eggs
  19. Getting back into school after a holiday break
  20. Having a good dentist appointment after 5 years
  21. Finding a wonderful dentist office
  22. Going to water aerobics and meeting 2 more pregnant women to encourage
  23. Talking to Britney
  24. Kids playing together nicely
  25. Sam standing up and clapping
  26. Getting some writing done
  27. God's amazing grace
  28. Going to a legacy marriage class with more seasoned couples at Sojourn
  29. Prayer time for the Wilburn family
  30. Time to talk with Jim
  31. God teaching me more everyday about who He is and who I am
  32. Getting out of the house all by myself with all 5 kids in the rain! (This is quite an accomplishment for me.)
  33. Celebrating Sam's 1st birthday!
  34. Having lunch with the Sholtes
  35. Date night with Jim
  36. Having time with God
  37. Getting things rolling for Childbirth Conversation Class
  38. Sleeping until 8 am
  39. Sam having a good doctor's appointment
  40. A Friday night with Jim
  41. Playing "Go Fish" as a family and Reuben beginning to catch on
  42. Making it through Jim's first day shift Saturday
  43. Becca making smoothies for lunch
  44. Subway
  45. Jamey's singing for his siblings
  46. Getting through church Jim's first Sunday at work
  47. Becca helping me get the kids dropped off
  48. Watching Reuben build by himself and figure things out
  49. Celebrating Becca's birthday
  50. Free Chick-fil-A salads
  51. Jim teaching the kids to bowl
  52. Good CG discussion
  53. Learning to open up to Jim
  54. Kids playing together
  55. Getting some extra sleep
  56. Date night with good conversation
  57. Seeing Jill at the mall
  58. God immediately answering my prayer about Jim's schedule though I asked for it a week later
  59. Reuben peeing in the toilet!
  60. Getting Childbirth Conversation blog going again
  61. Immediate positive response to Childbirth Conversation Class
  62. Getting caught up on all of the kids' journals!
  63. Getting lists going for things that need to be done
  64. Great time at writing group
  65. Getting to know Kimberly better
  66. Already having 10 women planning to come to the Childbirth Conversation Class with several inviting other women to come
  67. Hearing more of Nathan's story
  68. Date afternoon with Jim
  69. Finding needed things at Little Treasures Sale
  70. Jim getting called off for the morning
  71. Cleaning much of the living area
  72. Productive morning
  73. Putting Sam in a hanging chair to eat
  74. Great conversations at playgroup
  75. Seeing Esther
  76. Connecting with Leah
  77. Going to water aerobics
  78. Seeing Alexxus
  79. CG at our house
  80. Hearing Robin's story
  81. Getting schedules done for the next 2 weeks
  82. God growing me in patience
  83. Beautiful weather
  84. A single lady interested in Childbirth Conversations
  85. Great morning in God's Word

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