Sunday, July 7, 2013

July 1 to 7

3231. Being able to get out of bed this morning with very little sleep
3232. Reuben sleeping until 9
3233. Getting errands run even with a late start
3234. Mostly uneventful errand time
3235. Getting groceries for the week for under $100! (Huge accomplishment for us)
3236. Good deals at CVS
3237. Listening to Jamey sing
3238. The energy of little boys
3239. Subway
3240. Free cookies!
3241. Nice lunch at home
3242. 4 days of school left
3243. Jamey desiring to keep going in school instead of taking a break
3244. Having kids who desire to learn all the time
3245. God's goodness
3246. Getting a 45 minute nap
3247. Catching a few minutes to read
3248. Not having much to clean up in the afternoon
3249. Reuben being much happier after nap
3250. Reuben squatting to admire the vegetables of our garden
3251. Talking about the rain with Jamey and Reuben as it started to fall
3252. Lillian taking a nice long nap
3253. Successfully making a Romanian dish!
3254. The kids doing really well waiting to eat until 6:30
3255. Having Nate and Karey over for dinner
3256. Having friends that love kids
3257. Discovering our hearts are in similar places
3258. A possible team forming for Eastern Europe!
3259. God's timing
3260. God being so good and sovereign over all things!
3261. Waking early
3262. Time to read and pray
3263. Being able to catch up on reading
3264. Good school morning
3265. Getting everything done for the day in the morning
3266. Making it to playgroup by myself with all the kids
3267. Great time at playgroup
3268. Reuben and Adam eating together
3269. The kids making their own "splash park" with the water fountain
3270. Seeing Caroline, Luke and Hadley
3271. Finding out Erin is going to make it to her last women's prayer before moving
3272. Kids eating their lunch at the park
3273. Jamey creating a tree house
3274. Jamey and Lillian playing with other kids
3275. Kids exploring the world
3276. Engaging conversation
3277. Playing a game with Jim
3278. Gabriel becoming more interactive
3279. Finally getting back to water aerobics
3280. Catching up with several women
3281. Lauren being able to come watch the kids
3282. Community Group
3283. Getting plans for more summer activity together
3284. Talking about God's love for us
3285. Sharing what God is doing in us
3286. Girl time
3287. Being able to share openly with each other
3288. Being able to encourage each other in the Word
3289. Helping each other delve in
3290. Praying for each other
3291. Laughing with Lauren about "Say Yes to the Dress"
3292. Finding another person who dislikes strapless dresses as much as I do
3293. Jim letting me sleep until after 8:30
3294. Extended time to pray
3295. Jim doing school with the kids
3296. Taking my time reading the Bible
3297. Playing with the kids
3298. Super yummy lunch of boneless ribs and green beans
3299. Jamey doing well with his language arts lesson
3300. 2 days left of school!
3301. Getting some cleaning done
3302. Getting lots of laundry done
3303. Doing a decent amount of Russian practice
3304. Skyping with Amy! (So great to see and talk to her!)
3305. Great pasta and sauce
3306. Wonderful family worship time
3307. Gabriel trying to crawl
3308. Family movie night (doing more of these with all the rain)
3309. God watering our garden for us
3310. Plants growing a lot!
3311. Smooth bed time
3312. Getting some extra reading done
3313. God's goodness
3314. God's sovereignty
3315. Being reminded that the rain is a blessing
3316. God knowing exactly what we need
3317. Having a personal God
3318. Washing my hair
3319. Having hot water
3320. Jim doing school
3321. Only 1 school day left!
3322. Time to pray
3323. More Russian
3324. Reuben's extra long hugs
3325. Jamey and Lillian making Gabriel laugh and not annoying him
3326. All of the kids building
3327. Imaginations growing
3328. Heat packs
3329. Quiche for lunch
3330. Naps
3331. Playing Wii fit as a family
3332. Being more disciplined at discipline and not letting things slide
3333. Kids responding better
3334. Having a God who knows our weaknesses but loves and guides us
3335. Getting things ready for women's prayer
3336. Free Pizza!
3337. Papa John's
3338. Finishing The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe with the kids!
3339. Watching The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe with the kids
3340. Smooth bed time
3341. Watching Jeopardy
3342. Movie night
3343. Snuggling with Jim
3344. Waking early
3345. Being honest with the Lord
3346. My kids seeing my weakness
3347. Opportunities to teach them brokenness and repentance
3348. God being able to meld my heart
3349. Satan being threatened by us
3350. Knowing God hears our every word
3351. Finishing school!!!!!!!!!! (So ready for vacation next week)
3352. Jamey doing well tracing my copy work
3353. Getting the house cleaned
3354. God working in all things
3355. 4 Sisters coming to women's prayer this morning! (3 for the first time)
3356. Having 10 children running around while we prayed
3357. Learning to empathize with Brothers and Sisters in other places
3358. Teaching our kids about praying
3359. Realizing that taking a little longer than we scheduled is ok when teaching our kids
3360. Praying!
3361. Having the privilege of interceding for our Brothers and Sister around the world
3362. Cookies
3363. Crackers, turkey and cheese
3364. Erin being able to make it to her last women's prayer meeting before moving
3365. The Fisher's being able to stay for lunch
3366. Lots of learning opportunities for the kids
3367. Kids playing together
3368. Talking missions and church
3369. Finding out more about Bethany and how similar we are
3370. Having Sisters that understand
3371. Talking Homeschool curriculum
3372. Being able to show people things and help them learn
3373. Being able to learn from others
3374. Being an "older" and a "younger" woman
3375. Encouragement
3376. Jamey and Reuben loving on Gabriel
3377. Getting some writing done
3378. Journaling!
3379. Cleaning out email
3380. Spending some one-on-one time with Reuben
3381. Lillian becoming a little mama
3382. Chick-fil-A!
3383. Fullness of life
3384. Gabriel eating a LOT today
3385. Learning more about who our kids are and what they need
3386. Feeling
3387. Fairly smooth bedtime
3388. Movies
3389. Writing blog posts
3390. Getting caught up on email
3391. Gabriel feeding himself puffs
3392. Doing Goodreads updates
3393. Being able to message Jim at work
3394. Sleep
3395. Gabriel sleeping 11 hours straight
3396. Waking to the sound of laughter from the kids room
3397. Watching Jamey and Reuben wrestle and play together
3398. All 3 boys playing and making each other laugh
3399. Being in official vacation mode for the next week
3400. Teaching my kids about pajama days (they were totally confused by this)
3401. Chilling inside all day with little incidence
3402. Jim getting sleep today
3403. Reading to Lillian
3404. Reuben becoming much more interested in books
3405. Life opportunities to teach children
3406. Having rest time on the sofa with Jamey and Lillian
3407. Gabriel eating a lot
3408. Gabriel playing with his siblings more
3409. Lillian caring for her brothers
3410. Learning about my own selfishness as I watch my kids
3411. Being reminded of how little I give my heart to God
3412. God's mercy
3413. Jesus dying for me
3414. God giving me more understanding of Himself
3415. Playing a game
3416. Getting more disciplined even in vacation mode
3417. Learning how to get things done in a restful way
3418. Listening to Lillian sing Warrior
3419. Getting a little more sleep
3420. Snuggling with Lillian
3421. Getting ready for church in a timely manner with only 2 of us and Jim working
3422. Seeing Melanie
3423. Seeing Rachel
3424. Learning about God's holiness
3425. Hearing from Pastor Mike S
3426. Learning some new songs
3427. Learning more about older customs
3428. Seeing the Daugherty family
3429. Seeing Celenia
3430. Coffee
3431. Walking
3432. Hearing a child's interpretation of their Sunday School Lesson
3433. Seeing Karey
3434. Decent rest time
3435. Using my new pens on my calendar
3436. Colorful calendar pages
3437. Getting the week planned to the best of my ability
3438. Kids getting to play outside without rain
3439. Eating leftover pizza
3440. Family movie night
3441. Cookies
3442. Wii Boxing
3443. Super smooth bed time
3444. Listening to Reuben talk himself to sleep
3445. Red marks on Gabriel's knees from getting on all 4s

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