Thursday, July 4, 2013

Um... I Forgot Independence Day

Until I picked up pizza at Papa John's around 4 pm, it did not register it was our nations Independence Day. For most bloggers here would be some great thing about the 4th and celebrating it. Or saying some profound insight or moving statement about freedom. But not me. I just forgot.

And even now I don't really have anything to say. I should, but honestly I don't think about it. Why? Mostly I'm a bit of an extremist. See I am not a patriot. I don't think the USA is the only country there is and I do not want to turn this day into a type of worship of our country and so I just tend to ignore it. I know this is not the best attitude or mindset, but it is where I am now.

See, I am learning moderation and how to healthily balance things. Independence day is important because we live in a free nation (for now) where we can choose where we live, what religion we will follow, what job we will pursue, and say what we think. It is important to remember where we came from. But that's typically not what is done with this holiday. So perhaps this next year I will learn how to celebrate our freedoms in a way that is healthy and balanced without turning our country into a god that it is not. I am still a work in progress. :)

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