Sunday, July 28, 2013

July 22 to 28

3881. Sleeping until 7 am with little interruption
3882. Jamey playing quietly by himself until we got up
3883. Getting 3 1/2 days of reading done
3884. Lillian sleeping until 9:30
3885. Good grocery shopping time
3886. Doing well at the grocery store
3887. Not buying any sweets
3888. Cleaning out leftovers from the fridge for lunch
3889. Laughs around the table
3890. All 4 kids napping
3891. Time to read
3892. Getting emails sent
3893. Quiet time
3894. Making a general list of bigger things that need to be done before school starts
3895. Great fun at dinner
3896. Jamey saying Psalm 1
3897. Jamey helping Becca say Psalm 1
3898. Reading our current family book in the living room
3899. Time for a family movie
3900. Smooth bedtime after naps!
3901. Chilling with Jim
3902. Waking up
3903. Jim making eggs for breakfast
3904. Working towards switching our meals around
3905. Jamey and Lillian asking if we were doing school
3906. Getting several chapters read in my Bible
3907. Walking to playgroup
3908. Gabriel sitting up in the stroller
3909. Gabriel crawling around and interacting at playgroup
3910. Having a fun crowd at playgroup
3911. Jamey, Lillian and Charlotte all playing together
3912. Reuben playing with Jude
3913. Reuben going up in the playset
3914. The laughs and playful screams of children
3915. Encouraging conversation
3916. Eating lunch at home
3917. Kids all eating lunch well
3918. All kids napping again!
3919. Running errands with Jim
3920. Reading regularly in Redeeming Childbirth
3921. Getting emails read
3922. Really yummy dinner
3923. Gabriel wanting to feed himself
3924. Gabriel eating everything we give him (as long as he can feed himself)
3925. Nice family time before CG
3926. Girls Night with CG
3927. Coffee at Quills
3928. Open honest conversation
3929. Being able to share
3930. Opportunities to encourage
3931. More opportunities to give grace
3932. Learning to be more OK with the grey
3933. Fun laughs
3934. Teaching a friend a different way home
3935. God's unique plan for each person
3936. Sleep
3937. Sleeping until 7 am again
3938. Jim getting up with the kids
3939. Mental wrestling
3940. Doing summer "book work" with Jamey
3941. Jamey's gusto for learning
3942. Work books to help me see where the kids are
3943. Jamey wanting to do (and doing) book work for 3 hours and finishing a whole book
3944. Reuben showing interest in the toilet
3945. Wonderful April/May like weather
3946. Becca volunteering to mow the lawn
3947. Reuben playing outside
3948. Jim getting a lot of stuff cut down in our yard
3949. Jamey and Lillian learning about yard work
3950. Getting to do a couple surveys
3951. Swagbuck swag code day
3952. Hearing from Dawn
3953. Scheduling a time to Skype
3954. More reading time
3955. Getting caught up on my Bible reading plan
3956. Having access to God's Word
3957. Having access to God
3958. God teaching me all of the time in all things
3959. God breaking my pride little by little
3960. Growing in my desire to learn
3961. Being able to admit I don't know everything
3962. Learning to repent
3963. Learning how to ask for help
3964. Really yummy black bean burgers
3965. Theological discussions
3966. God inviting us to wrestle with Him
3967. Nice rest time
3968. Pancakes for dinner
3969. Kids playing Wii fit
3970. Kids growing in sharing and playing together
3971. Reuben really loving on Gabriel
3972. Gabriel wanting to stand up
3973. Gabriel wanting to be part of everything we are doing
3974. Jamey and Lillian playing well together throughout the day
3945. Lillian wanting to mother (and teaching her to tailor it)
3946. Smooth bedtime
3947. Watching "Wheel" and "Jeopardy"
3948. Calm evening
3949. Opening the windows
3950. Not needing the A/C most of the day
3951. Sleeping until 8 am!
3952. Jamey and Lillian playing quietly together in the living room this morning without waking the rest of the house
3953. Really good breakfast
3954. Learning to eat different things for breakfast
3955. Another lovely "spring" morning in July
3956. Kids playing outside
3957. Trying to jump rope with the kids
3958. Jamey bragging on Reuben
3959. Jim getting completely done with his Hermeneutics class!
3960. Kids playing well together
3961. Gabriel exploring everything
3962. Jamey eating all of his lunch
3963. Gabriel eating peas
3964. Gabriel wanting to eat real food
3965. Doing book work with Jamey and Lillian
3966. Reading to Jamey and Lillian
3967. Finishing The Key
3968. Nice quiet rest time
3969. Reading my Bible
3970. Writing in my journal
3971. Emailing Joanna
3972. Reconciliation
3973. God weeding out sin in our lives
3974. God using all things for our good
3975. Feeling a weight lifted off my shoulders
3976. Jesus dying so we can be reconciled and have sin weeded out of our lives
3977. Making dinner with Jim
3978. Trying a new recipe
3979. Finding out how easy it is to grate zucchini
3980. A lower calorie breakfast casserole
3981. Great dinner conversation
3982. Having an in depth conversation with Jamey about God and Jesus
3983. Movie night and ice cream for less than $2
3984. Watching the first part of The Hobbit movie again
3985. Great morning
3986. Good breakfast (loving switching things up)
3987. Getting out of the house early for playgroup
3988. Gabriel being able to stay with Jim
3989. A great playground in Indiana
3990. Fun playgroup
3991. Meeting Laura
3992. Meeting Shelly and her kids
3993. Great uplifting conversation
3994. Hearing from a Sister with 7 kids
3995. Opportunity to connect with a Sister desiring to be a nurse
3996. God is amazing!
3997. Kids playing well for over 2 hours
3998. Jamey playing with other kids
3999. Just connecting in every day life
4000. Getting home well
4001. Jim playing with Jamey and Lillian
4002. Teaching opportunities in a difficult rest time
4003. Time to read while waiting for dinner to finish
4004. Trying another new recipe
4005. Hearing God's Word coming out of my kids' mouths
4006. Nice evening
4007. Smooth bed time
4008. Chilling with Becca
4009. Getting to sleep at a decent hour
4010. Getting good sleep even with kids waking up in the night
4011. Jamey and Lillian lying on the sofa with me
4012. Feeling rested
4013. Yummy breakfast
4014. Kids playing outside in the rain
4015. Kids playing well together
4016. Opportunities to teach
4017. Quiet time to read my Bible
4018. Gabriel taking a good nap in the swing
4019. Having a Mama and Lillian date to the store
4020. Getting good deal on contact solution
4021. Doing well at the grocery store
4022. Lillian asking lots of questions
4023. Seeing Lillian grow up
4024. Lillian's laughter and love of life
4025. Teaching opportunities for life skills
4026. Easy lunch
4027. My kids loving fruit
4028. Early rest time
4029. Getting emails sent
4030. Reconciliation
4031. Nice rest time
4032. More teaching
4033. Getting a good Groupon to go on a double date
4034. Getting out of the house in a timely manner
4035. Not having any trouble finding our Friends' house
4036. Celebrating Charis's birthday
4037. Really yummy homemade Latin food
4038. Really good homemade cupcakes
4039. Meeting lots of new people
4040. Meeting Barb who is a postpartum nurse at Suburban and excited about Childbirth class
4041. Meeting several Sisters who want to contribute to childbirth book
4042. Kids playing well with others at the party
4043. Meeting more Sisters who want to pray for the nations
4044. Gabriel playing
4045. God ordaining all things
4046. Seeing God's hand at work in every day life
4047. Nice ride home
4048. Smooth bed time
4049. All kids going to sleep quickly
4050. Time to connect with people online
4051. Getting to write
4052. Learning Sojourn is for childbirth class
4053. Catching up Goodreads
4054. Blogging
4055. Nice quiet and productive evening
4056. Great morning
4057. Hearty breakfast
4058. Reuben sleeping late
4059. Gabriel sleeping 12 hours without an extra feeding
4060. Getting ready to go in a timely fashion
4061. Beautiful cool weather
4062. Walking to church
4063. Talking to Heather
4064. Finding out another family is going over seas
4065. A wonderful message on Mercy
4066. Praising God through song
4067. Seeing Katie
4068. Connecting with the family going overseas
4069. Seeing God's hand at work throughout the day
4070. Seeing Sarah
4071. Seeing Emily
4072. My kids loving to go to church
4073. Seeing Barb
4074. Fun lunch
4075. Kids playing outside together
4076. Time to read
4077. Time to write in a journal
4078. Jim getting a good nap
4079. Kids having a good rest time
4080. Meal planning
4081. Some Jamey parent time
4082. Playing a game together
4083. Cleaning out leftovers from the fridge
4084. Lots of laughs at dinner
4085. Reuben and Lillian taking good naps
4086. Playing a dance game together
4087. Lillian doing really well with the dance game
4088. Jamey doing well with Wii fit
4089. Fun family time
4090. Teaching moments while playing
4091. Relatively smooth bedtime
4092. Working on August calendar
4093. Playing a game with Jim
4094. Making a cleaning plan for the week
4095. Feeling the presence of the Holy Spirit throughout the day
4096. Learning to see things through new lenses
4097. God teaching me constantly
4098. Learning to be more attune to the Holy Spirit
4099. Making dinner plans to meet Jonathan
4100. God's perfect timing

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