Thursday, July 11, 2013

Still Love the Creation Museum

This is our third year going to the Creation Museum as a family. The highlight was the whole family going except for Kyle and Brit. It was so fun having Brendon and Kylee with us. Our kids loved spending time with their cousins while also exploring and learning at the museum. It was such a blessing having 4 of the 6 kids really looking and asking questions. We were able to teach the Bible, science, culture and share the Truth of Christ with children and they ate it all up!

This year we did not attend any of the lectures, but as we walked through the museum I was reminded of how beautifully the Bible and science mesh if you believe that the Bible is Truth. The joy in all of this is being able to tell my children and see them making the connections. The boys love the dinosaurs and being able to explain them Biblically is such a relief to me.

This year they had an exhibit on dragons and dragon lore, which was really neat to see. I honestly wish they had had more about them as I have always loved dragon lore and the Fantasy genre of books that have dragons in them. But what they had was so interesting. They showed the differences in what we call dinosaurs and how the dragon legends came from dinosaurs. I did not get to read everything, but what I saw was so intriguing.

This year the petting zoo was a lot more enjoyable as everyone but Lillian wanted to experience the animals in some form or fashion. They were all talking about the animals. It was fun seeing Brendon picking up the chickens. Reuben tried to pick up one by the head! We also saw a peacock strutting his stuff. (More thoughts to come on this.) We also enjoyed the gardens on the ground. It was so fun exploring with young eyes who see wonder where we have become dull.

Another highlight was meeting new people from all different walks. We met a Southern Baptist family of 5 from Missouri, a Baptist family of 7 and counting from D.C., a Mennonite family of 4 from Pennsylvania and an Amish family of 13 from Illinois. It was great talking to all these people from different places and different cultures to learn from and share life with even for just a moment. God brings people together at different times for different purposes. God is so good.

I still highly recommend the museum to everyone no matter what you personally believe. It is an experience you will not forget and you will learn something. Check out their website for more information and ticket information. And let us know if you will be in the area. :)

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