Friday, July 12, 2013

Learning from the Peacock

While at the Creation Museum petting zoo, the peacock displayed his beautiful feathers and did quite an extensive dance for the peahen. He was strutting his stuff and showing off in full force. As we watched this show I said something to the effect of, "If you want to know what men should do, watch the peacock."

To which, my hubby says, "They should show off their tail feathers?"

Though I do not want any guys showing their literal tails to women, I do think they should show their colors and be the pursuer.

To win the peahen, the peacock must show he is worthy to be chosen. The spread of the feathers, the bright colors and the strutting dance are all part of presenting himself to the female. It is elaborate and clearly a lot of work.

If only men had to work as hard today to win a woman. I know there are some who make men work, but many do not. In fact, the women's movement has made it so it is now socially acceptable for women to chase men. How sad this is.

Men were created to hunt, pursue, women to be pursued. We see it all over nature. I wonder how different our society would be if we still followed God's intended design. What would it look like if we really waited and made men show their colors? What would it look like if women made men work for their attention? The peahen was making the peacock work with little attention or sign that she would respond. While we were there we saw nothing that she would even let him near her, but he still worked. She did not make it easy.

So ladies, I encourage you to make men work for your attention. Men, be willing to work and do not give into someone who gives themselves too easily. Lets get relationships back to being about hard work and commitment, showing what true love really is.

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