Friday, July 19, 2013

Reflections on a Week of Mornings with Two Less Kids

This week Jamey and Lillian went to VBS from 9-12 each morning. Today I have been thinking about it a lot. Having done homeschool the last 2 years, they have been with me in the morning the majority of the time. I was able to spend time with Reuben, which was great for us, as well as do a few other things that God had ordained for me to do, but it was still like something was missing. Not that I made a wrong decision, God clearly meant for this week to happen as it did. He is at work. But not having Jamey and Lillian in toe for these experiences was odd. I realized that as much as I think I want large amounts of time to myself everyday, I really don't. I want to be with my kids, talking to them, playing with them, teaching them as much as I can. I want to know them. That is the primary thing I have learned. I really want to know my kids. I am struggling to do this even with them home most of the time. I have so much to learn about knowing them. I pray that God will teach me how to be attune to them and who they are. I pray He will give me continued vision of who He has created them to be and how to train them in His ways while being themselves. I cannot do that if I don't know them. I must carve out more individual time with each of them. So much to grow in. It never stops.

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