Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Recently our CG has been talking a lot about accountability. I used to meet regularly with my dear friend, Dawn, until she moved overseas. Since then I have realized how much I miss having accountability. However in our discussions in CG I never realized how much of a hot topic this is. I never realized how many different ideas people have about accountability. So I thought I would write a little about my experience.

Before meeting Dawn I wanted accountability, but really had no idea what that looked like. I knew I wanted a place where I could be open and honest about life and my struggles and still be loved and accepted but also be encouraged to fight sin and grow in relationship with God. That's what we say Christ does for us. But I had yet to really find this.

When Dawn and I started meeting it was all I expected and more. It took time to learn each other and grow, but by the time she left we knew each other so well. We knew each others faults and struggles and yet still loved and encouraged each other. Our times together included talking about what was going on in our lives, anything we were really struggling with, questions to help us understand or to dig deeper when we could not quite identify what was going on and praying for each other. I began learning to pray Scripture and remind God of His promises for His people. I grew so much.

I am still growing, even with irregular accountability, but I miss regularly talking about what is going on in my life and being encouraged or called out. I pray all God's people will seek this kind of accountability and desire to be the one holding another accountable. It's a high calling, but it's what we are to do for each other.

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