Saturday, January 18, 2014

Dying To Self

Dying to yourself is not a concept that is cared for much in our culture that is all about self. Two Sunday's ago, Pastor Mike delved into this topic and it was something I really needed to hear. As a Christian we are called to die to ourselves and to live for Christ alone. This is the cost of discipleship. 

When I made my goals for this year one of the biggest things I wanted to do was learn to die to myself more and really seek what it was that God was calling me to do. One of my good friends wrote that I must be "super woman" because of my goals, but I am anything but super woman. At the heart of most of my goals is learning to die to self and live for Christ. 

I am a lazy person and I like to do what I want to do, otherwise known as selfish with my time. These are 2 major things I realized I love more than God. I want to die to laziness and selfishness and live for Christ by loving Him and others and being diligent with my time. So my goals were born for this year. We are half way through the month and I have faltered greatly in both of these areas.

Last Saturday I had a moment of "dying to myself" crisis. My kids asked to play a game and I thought that meant the dance game or something like that, which is what I wanted so I could work on something while they played. But no, they wanted to play Wheel of Fortune, which I have to help with. I was so frustrated and took it out on Becca, getting irritated for no reason and allowing my dumb competitive nature to take its course. As we played, though, I realized it was more enjoyable to be with my kids, helping them learn and letting them get things wrong as well as letting go of some of my competitiveness. I had to not care about winning or doing what I wanted to do so that my kids had an opportunity to learn. This was much more important. 

I know there have been other times that I have needed to die to myself and have not, and God is working on me in those moments. God is faithful to do whatever it takes to conform us into Christ-likeness.

How is God asking you to die to yourself today?

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