Wednesday, January 1, 2014

December 30 to January 1

9681. Sleeping until 8 am
9682. Starting the morning with a good conversation with Rachel and Becca
9683. Becca reading Revelation to Rachel
9684. Rachel being challenged by Revelation
9685. Jim going to breakfast with Daddy
9686. Jim having good discussions with Daddy
9687. Kids eating a lot of fruit for breakfast
9688. Family getting out of here when they intended to
9689. Leaving us Mountain Dew and Dr. Pepper
9690. Figuring out meal planning quickly this morning
9691. Getting a grocery list together quickly
9692. Going to the grocery store
9693. Having a plan for the day
9694. Jim having time to work on writing papers
9695. Good run at the store
9696. Going by myself
9697. Time to pray in the car
9698. Finding everything I needed
9699. Spending far less than I anticipated at the store
9700. Coupons
9701. Great customer service
9702. Being given a sample turkey and cheese slice to eat
9703. Deli lady putting paper slices between the cheese
9704. Reading about Loving others as yourself
9705. God giving immediate opportunity to love others
9706. The Holy Spirit seeking and growing my heart
9707. Taco Bell for lunch
9708. Crunch wrap supreme
9709. Reuben eating well
9710. Kids resting
9711. Reuben napping
9712. Lillian napping
9713. Time to read more of Revelation
9714. Talking to Becca about church yesterday
9715. Hearing similar things
9716. Becca beginning to recognize God's grace in her life
9717. Talking about living in grace
9718. Talking about Revelation
9719. Writing in my journal
9720. God moving in our family
9721. God moving in my heart
9722. Wrestling with God's Word
9723. Having a seeking heart
9724. Beginning to work on getting our family planning notebook together for the year
9725. God providing our planning materials for much cheaper than last year
9726. Realizing what did not work last year and making necessary adjustments
9727. Jim getting 2 papers written for his J-term class
9728. Being more consistent with discipline
9729. Finalizing plans to go out with the Whites
9730. Shannon letting us know about New Years Eve plans
9731. Being remembered by our Shannon in her planning
9732. Having a great CG
9733. Gabriel taking about 5 steps by himself without coaxing
9734. Gabriel eating a lot for lunch
9735. The printer cooperating
9736. Becca starting The Cross Centered Life
9737. Reuben giving big hugs
9738. Productive day
9739. Being able to read
9740. Living in a place where we are free to read what we want to read
9741. Living in a place where we can write what we want
9742. God's freedom
9743. Always being challenged and growing
9744. Jamey learning to throw well
9745. Watching Jim play with Jamey and Reuben
9746. Opportunity to teach Reuben
9747. Being reminded I need to be more consistent with Reuben's discipline
9748. Realizing I need to discipline Gabriel
9749. Learning how to talk to kids at different stages
9750. Introducing kids to "The Lord of the Rings"
9751. Jim making dinner
9752. Yummy Pasta with spinach, tomato and onion
9753. Mountain Dew
9754. Having a Goodreads account
9755. Getting all of my family command center calendar and papers printed out
9756. The Confident Mom doing planning for me
9757. Wonderful reminders
9758. Desiring to be more diligent this year
9759. Desiring to not waste time
9760. Thinking about what God may do
9761. Enjoying talking about planning
9762. Time to read a little
9763. Kids playing Mario Kart with Jim
9764. Becca making popcorn in her new whirly pop
9765. Sending some emails
9766. Planning for the next Childbirth Conversation class
9767. Seeing God working in preparation
9768. Finding out we can use the 930 for the class
9769. Thinking about big things that need to get done
9770. Hearing from Jackie
9771. The flexibility of homeschooling
9772. Really desiring to seek the Lord in homeschooling
9773. Being reminded that the most important thing I can teach my children is salvation through Christ
9774. Not getting hit by the person going the wrong way on Oak and Shelby
9775. God's protection
9776. Reuben's hugs and kisses
9777. Gabriel's hugs
9778. Gabriel being a good eater
9779. Gabriel starting to talk
9780. Gabriel saying yes and please at dinner
9781. Reuben saying yes very clearly in response to a question
9782. Reuben and Gabriel playing together
9783. Watching Reuben mimic Gabriel
9784. Gabriel copying what Reuben says
9785. Finding time to meet with Jackie
9786. Jamey going to bed early
9787. Jamey going to sleep quickly
9788. Hanging out
9789. Finishing a section in a book
9790. The other 3 going to bed smoothly
9791. Kids getting sleep
9792. Putting our family command center notebook together
9793. Talking with Jim about a general schedule
9794. Planning to be more purposeful this year
9795. Praying for more discipline in our home
9796. Making lists of major things that need to be done
9797. Thinking about things that I need to do every week/month
9798. Desiring to plan my days
9799. Jim desiring to plan
9800. Desiring to be more diligent in planning together
9801. Making a beginning list of books I want to read
9802. Talking about what books we might like to read together
9803. Wanting to read a variety of books
9804. Growing in my desire to read
9805. Getting the January calendar filled out
9806. Almost being ready for the new year
9807. The grace that we don't have to be 100% ready on January 1st
9808. Time to prepare for next week
9809. God's grace
9810. Growing with Jim
9811. Jim and I learning the same things together
9812. God moving us more together
9813. Playing hangman
9814. Time to relax after planning
9815. Snuggling
9816. Going to bed
9817. Waking up at 6
9818. Getting a jump start on attempting to wake early
9819. Gabriel doing well with being woke up
9820. Eating breakfast early
9821. Becca making eggs and grits
9822. Cheese grits
9823. Talking with Becca
9824. Time to pray
9825. Preparing with God for the day
9826. Reading Revelation
9827. Reading the whole Bible in a year
9828. Discussing God's Word
9829. Wrestling with how to read Revelation
9830. Thinking about God's character
9831. Realizing all of God's characteristics are equal
9832. God pushing us
9833. God's continuous grace
9834. God revealing Himself
9835. Desiring to be more like Christ
9836. Talking with my kids about God
9837. Reminding them of their need for Jesus
9838. Being reminded of my own need for Jesus
9839. Talking about what Jesus desires of us
9840. Hearing the kids talk to each other
9841. Kids beginning to voice right from wrong
9842. Asking questions
9843. Learning to ask more questions
9844. Learning to listen more
9845. Getting a few things in the mail
9846. Having more worker addresses
9847. Desiring to serve our workers better
9848. Growing in how to serve better
9849. Thinking of how to plan cards better for the year
9850. Jamey helping Gabriel learn to walk
9851. Jamey growing in being a big brother
9852. Reuben sleeping until after 8 am
9853. Enjoying a good morning together
9854. Watching Jamey and Lillian grow in learning
9855. Left overs for lunch
9856. Salad
9857. Conversation at lunch
9858. Growing in conversing
9859. Jamey following patterns in a book
9860. Hanging out as a family after lunch
9861. Gabriel napping
9862. Snuggling with Reuben and Lillian
9863. Reuben talking to me
9864. Solving the Box top mystery quickly
9865. Dark Chocolate M&Ms
9866. Figuring things out in a timely manner
9867. God always looking out for us
9868. Learning how to communicate better
9869. Desiring to communicate effectively
9870. Being reminded that all things are possible with God
9871. Having the Bible at hand
9872. God's Word being written for us
9873. Jesus being our saving grace
9874. Going on a double date with Billy and Gidget
9875. Becca keeping all our kids
9876. Good conversations
9877. Being able to explain things
9878. Finding out we are really not that different
9879. Hearing fun stories of people growing up differently
9880. The beauty of differences
9881. God using differences to grow and teach us
9882. Seeing "The Hobbit"
9883. The movie being really good
9884. The movie ending on a crazy note
9885. Something to look forward to next December
9886. Seeing Dr. Pierre with his kids
9887. All of us enjoying the movie
9888. All wondering how much we missed in the book
9889. Talking about denominational differences
9890. Learning more together
9891. Being able to teach
9892. Little Debbie cherry cordials
9893. Not getting too hungry during the movie
9894. Making plans to meet Gidget tomorrow
9895. Silas and Margo doing really well while we were out
9896. Billy letting Jim borrow a game
9897. Enjoying being together
9898. Silas saying he did not want to leave (Seriously this is huge!)
9899. All the kids having fun together
9900. Reuben taking a nap
9901. Lillian getting a nap
9902. Pizza for dinner
9903. Thinking about the next time we can all hang out
9904. Lillian going to bed early
9905. Growing friendships
9906. Having friends who are eager to learn
9907. The power of God's Word
9908. People asking questions about God's Word
9909. Having a God who knows all things
9910. Not knowing all things
9911. God giving us wisdom
9912. Jamey practicing more drawing
9913. Finding an activity to help challenge Jamey
9914. Desiring to help my kids grow into who God has made them to be
9915. Time to do December/Year End evaluation
9916. Getting all 4 kids to bed smoothly
9917. Being able to go to a New Year party with Jim
9918. Candles
9919. Beautiful lighting
9920. Meeting new people
9921. Interesting conversation
9922. Seeing most of our community group
9923. Catching up
9924. Explaining and teaching things
9925. Laughing
9926. Games
9927. Friendly competition
9928. Dancing
9929. Seeing people I do not get to see often
9930. Practicing talking in code
9931. Mountain Dew
9932. Yummy snacks
9933. Talking about God working
9934. Hearing about the Cross Conference
9935. Being reminded of how much I still need to learn God's Word
9936. Realizing how easily I take having a copy of the Bible for granted
9937. Discussing how technology is not making us smarter
9938. Being reminded that I really need to practice memorizing
9939. The freedom that we have in Christ
9940. Learning from other people
9941. Jim having fun
9942. Jim catching up with friends
9943. Sharing our lives
9944. Making it until midnight
9945. Toasting in the New Year
9946. Sparkling grape juice
9947. Discussing time to meet with Andy and Shannon
9948. Teaching Hilary basic cha-cha step
9949. Donna remembering meeting me last year
9950. Mercy
9951. Driving home safely
9952. Nothing major happening in the neighborhood
9953. Going to bed immediately
9954. Being able to get out of bed
9955. Meeting Gidget for coffee
9956. Being able to get a black and white half caff mocha
9957. Delving into Genesis
9958. Being challenged
9959. God's grace being evident everywhere
9960. Learning to see God's bigger picture
9961. Learning to trust more even when I don't understand
9962. Learning new things
9963. Discussing different ideas
9964. Working through things together
9965. Being able to say "I don't know"
9966. Learning interesting things
9967. Encouraging others in the Truth
9968. Desiring to learn more about dying to self
9969. God's grace to explain things well
9970. A 3 hour conversation feeling like barely an hour
9971. Going deep
9972. Jim getting a lot of work done
9973. God
9974. Jim
9975. Jamey
9976. Lillian
9977. Reuben
9978. Gabriel
9979. The New Baby
9980. Daddy
9981. Mom
9982. Britney
9983. Rachel
9984. Becca
9985. Having a house to live in
9986. Having central heating and air
9987. Having access to technology when I need/want it
9988. Being able to see
9989. Being able to hear
9990. God giving me spiritual eyes
9991. Faith
9992. Being able to read and write
9993. Living in a free country
9994. Sandwiches
9995. Having clean water to drink
9996. Having ice when I want it
9997. Having so many choices
9998. Salvation
9999. Growing in Thankfulness
10000. God constantly changing and growing me

Getting 10000 blessings in a year was a tedious process, but I am so thankful I did it. It has really helped me to see God working in the little everyday things and helped me to see the world through God's eyes and not my own. I would encourage you to also count your blessings. It's a great practice to get your attention off of yourself and back on God and others, making us more like Jesus!

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