Tuesday, November 5, 2013


 I am so blessed to have Reuben in my life. He too is so full of life and in the last couple of months his personality has really begun to shine through. God has made him a rough and tumble boy with a very sweet and sensitive side. He loves to throw you or be thrown on the ground then turn around and snuggle with a big hug. I know God has some great plans for this boy. He is beginning to say Bible verses and repeat Truths from God's Word. He wants to learn along side Jamey and Lillian and sometimes thinks he is as old as they are. He loves to do "book work" when they do and to be read to. He studies his surroundings but also explores. God has made him such an incredible little boy and I am excited to see where God leads him.

Thank You, Lord, for the precious gift of Reuben. He is an amazing boy full of energy. You know him perfectly and know exactly what he needs. Please guide him to Yourself and show us how to love him well along the way. Thank You for Your goodness and grace.

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