Monday, November 11, 2013

November 4 to 10

7116. Sleeping until 8:30
7117. School time
7118. Kids desiring to learn
7119. Reuben singing
7120. Reading together
7121. Building auditory memory
7122. Being able to use the same meal plan schedule as last week
7123. Lillian going to the grocery store with Jim
7124. Taking more less obvious opportunities to learn
7125. Learning what "the world is a classroom" really means
7126. Desiring to eat more
7127. Trying to figure out how much I need to eat
7128. Kids playing together
7129. Having enough leftovers for lunch
7130. Learning how to cut back
7131. Making it a whole week without getting fast food for a meal
7132. Growing in discipline
7133. All 4 kids napping
7134. Writing 7 handwritten pages in my book
7135. A productive afternoon
7135. Not having a journal entry to do
7136. Jim making a great dinner
7137. Staying home from class
7138. Restful evening
7139. Smooth bed time
7140. No one getting sick after bed time
7141. Having time to talk to Jim
7142. Jim being able to record our class lecture
7143. Jim getting home around 8 pm
7144. Good honest conversation
7145. God growing us in love for each other
7146. God' grace abounding in our lives
7147. Getting in bed a little early
7148. Sleep
7149. Really good breakfast
7150. Kids playing outside
7151. Making a Walmart run
7152. Talking about things at the store
7153. Learning opportunities everywhere
7154. Kids enjoying walking around Walmart
7155. Easy lunch
7156. Great rest time
7157. Writing a decent amount more
7158. Jim getting work done
7159. Pancakes for dinner
7160. Jamey and Lillian helping with dinner
7161. Laughing and talking
7162. Community Group
7163. Having a full house
7164. Hearing Paul and Leslie's testimonies
7165. Learning more about each other
7166. Going deeper
7167. Great conversation about the Holy Spirit
7168. Great questions
7169. Connecting with Hillary
7170. Pumpkin and Nutella muffins
7171. Sweet tea
7172. Great evening
7173. Waking up at a decent hour
7174. Family breakfast
7175. Doing school with the kids
7176. Great learning time
7177. Getting a few things done for class
7178. Jim having a good class
7179. Meeting Gidget to have our own write-in
7180. Sunergos coffee
7181. Black and white mocha
7182. Having a productive afternoon
7183. Talking with Gidget
7184. Laughing together
7185. Enjoying each others company
7186. Encouraging each other in writing
7187. Yummy chicken for dinner
7188. Crescent rolls
7189. Smooth bed time
7190. Andy and Shannon coming by
7191. Time to talk with Shannon
7192. Andy helping Jim figure out what's wrong with our dryer
7193. Praying together
7194. Encouragement
7195. Good sleep
7196. Filling breakfast
7197. Great school time
7198. Kids learning and growing
7199. Great conversations about the Bible
7200. Jamey reading the Bible stories
7201. Jamey's desire to read more
7202. Reuben dancing and clapping
7203. Lillian pressing forward with her reading workbook
7204. Learning more patience
7205. Jim getting a lot of work done
7206. Writing my testimony for SWI
7207. Wrestling
7208. Teaching my kids patience and flexibility
7209. Tortellini soup
7210. Water Aerobics
7211. Nice water temp
7212. Great workout
7213. Meeting with Becca and Loren
7214. Encouragement
7215. Sharing life
7216. Talking about giving Gospel presentations
7217. Realizing how far God has brought me in understanding His ways and Words
7218. Realizing how much more I have to learn
7219. Remembering we serve a big God and it's the Holy Spirit's job to convict and change hearts
7220. Asking advice on response to people who make comments about big families
7221. God being in control of all things
7222. Getting information for Winter and Spring terms
7223. The 2 classes I want/need to finish out being offered
7224. Time to talk
7225. A wonderful encouraging husband
7226. Waking up early
7227. Smooth morning
7228. MOMSTogether
7229. Really yummy breakfast
7230. Talking about thankfulness
7231. A few minutes to journal
7232. Hearing the baby's heartbeat
7233. Sandwiches
7234. Taking a nap
7235. Low key afternoon
7236. Restful evening
7237. Kids asking to watch "19 Kids and Counting"
7238. Smooth bedtime
7239. Typing up my work
7240. Getting up with little sleep
7241. Yogurt, granola and blueberries
7242. Riding with Gidget to the write-in
7243. Learning more from Gidget
7244. Meeting fellow writers
7245. Writing for 3 hours
7246. Realizing I am closer to the end than I thought
7247. Laughs and sharing
7248. Enjoying company
7249. Sharing parallels
7250. Opportunity to teach
7251. Jamey helping Becca with the laundry
7252. Low key restful afternoon
7253. Jim sleeping well
7254. Jim finishing all of his church history assignments
7255. Almost being finished with the semester
7256. Shrimp
7257. Kids eating well
7258. Movie night
7259. Getting a couple things written
7260. Smooth bed time
7261. Bed
7262. Getting 6 straight hours of uninterrupted sleep
7263. Time to read my Bible
7264. Having 2 breakfasts to help with the morning
7265. Cinnamon rolls
7266. Seeing immediate answers to prayer
7267. Attending the 11:15 service with our CG
7268. Gidget and Margo coming to church
7269. Margo doing well in church
7270. Talking about Jesus being the light
7271. Seeing 4 people baptized including Josh and Paul from our CG!!!
7272. Celebrating the work of the Holy Spirit
7273. Being reminded of the depths of our sin
7274. Being reminded of what Christ has overcome for us
7275. Walking to and from church
7276. Beautiful weather
7277. Black bean soup
7278. Crock pots
7279. Naps
7280. Time to rest
7281. Taco Bell
7282. Having kids with some innate sensitivity
7283. Teaching (trying) Jamey how to play Sudoku
7284. Jamey and Lillian being able to answer questions about who Jesus is
7285. Playing with Gabriel
7286. Enjoying some family time
7287. Smooth bed time
7288. Healthy weekend
7289. Hanging out
7290. Earlier bedtime

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