Sunday, November 24, 2013

November 18 to 24

7541. Getting up early
7542. God's faithfulness in our weakness
7543. Moving school back upstairs
7544. Kids being excited to be back upstairs in their desks
7545. Gabriel being a part of school
7546. Listening to our songs that go with our weekly verses
7547. Lillian's excitement over doing more music
7548. Getting back into a more structured home school routine
7549. Reuben doing puzzles better
7550. Lillian finishing her first "Developing the Early Learner" book
7551. Lillian going to the grocery store with Jim
7552. Doing Russian!!!!! (I have really missed doing this)
7553. Jamey remembering some of the Russian I was doing
7554. Reuben's desire to learn and grow
7555. Leftovers for lunch
7556. Jamey helping with the laundry
7557. Getting outside to hang laundry
7558. Staying on top of laundry to start the week
7559. Leftover tortellini soup
7560. Rest time
7561. Jamey actually napping
7562. Being reminded of the need for consistency in discipline and training
7563. Jim getting in his annual doctor's appointment
7564. His appointment not being long
7565. Getting more written
7566. Talking with Jim
7567. Quick dinner
7568. Dollar menu at McDonald's
7569. Being able to sit in the car to avoid taking the kids too early
7570. Heat
7571. Hearing the kids sing praise songs
7572. Lillian's answer to everything being "Jesus" or "eternal life"
7573. Childcare for class
7574. Great subject for the last night of our marriage class
7575. Being challenged in seeking how we escape from reality
7576. Learning what escapism is
7577. Learning how to recognize escapism
7578. Being challenged to evaluate what I do and why
7579. Being challenged to break bad habits
7580. Seeking to grow in everything
7581. Great date time to talk with Jim and challenge each other
7582. Kids doing well in child care
7583. Lillian falling asleep in the floor
7584. Reuben hugs
7585. Reuben giving lots of high 5s
7586. Learning to battle
7587. Desiring to be with my kids more and love them better
7588. Teaching discipline
7589. God disciplining us
7590. Bed
7591. Good sleep
7592. Sleeping until 7
7593. Waking mostly refreshed
7594. Getting going
7595. Doing school on a Tuesday! (we have been struggling to do this lately)
7596. Productive school morning though shorter
7597. Eating a snack before leaving the house
7598. Walking to playgroup
7599. Seeing Laura Beth and Felix
7600. Meeting Candace and Elliott
7601. Kids playing well together
7602. Seeing Shannon, Charlotte and Juliet
7603. Great conversation
7604. Seeing Caroline, Luke and Hadley
7605. Looking at some of the Memoria lesson plans
7606. Encouragement from Caroline
7607. Being able to give Caroline a lot of egg cartons
7608. Great time of play
7609. Becca getting some pictures done for her class
7610. Watching the kids play games together
7611. Kids version of "Duck, Duck, Goose"
7612. Walking home
7613. Reuben doing well with walking on the sidewalk
7614. Easy lunch
7615. Everyone eating all of their lunch
7616. Good rest time
7617. Working on SWI homework
7618. Getting done with all of my homework
7619. Almost being done with Discipleship
7620. Time to talk with Becca
7621. Being able to share what we are learning
7622. Being able to share and apply things from our marriage class to other areas of life
7623. God teaching and training us
7624. God challenging me
7625. God challenging our home in growing more in His likeness together
7626. Getting the turkey made
7267. Kids doing well waiting for dinner
7628. Seeing Sara and Amanda's home (one of the Urban houses)
7629. Having our CG together for a Thanksgiving meal
7630. Watching our CG play with, read to and love on our kids
7631. Lots of really good food
7632. Homemade Apple pie and Derby pie
7633. Fun conversation
7634. Learning more about each other
7635. God's grace
7636. Kids doing well with a late night
7637. Going a whole 24 hours without turning on the TV!!!!!
7638. Bed!
7639. Getting up and going with the kids
7640. Kids sleeping until almost 7!
7641. Mini-wheats
7642. Eating breakfast with the kids
7643. Getting dressed and ready in a timely manner
7644. Great school morning
7645. Getting a lot of school work done
7646. Doing some extra language arts done with Lillian
7647. Seeing Lillian progress more
7648. Exploring how to help Lillian learn best
7649. Jamey learning the hard way to get his work done in a timely manner
7650. Reuben beginning to count
7651. Gabriel saying please!
7652. Gabriel standing and clapping his hands
7653. Reuben telling us what "B" says
7654. Getting kids books picked out for our trip
7655. Picking a couple of books to take with me on our trip
7656. Yummy sandwiches for lunch
7657. Getting laundry hung
7658. Being more productive
7659. Seeing for myself that doing what God created and called us to do gives more fulfillment than being lazy and shoving off responsibility
7660. God's word not returning void
7661. Getting 6 chapters read in the Bible
7662. Kids resting well
7663. Jamey picking out his clothes for the trip
7664. Lillian picking out her clothes for the trip
7665. Teaching them how to choose clothes for traveling
7666. Getting all 4 kids clothes picked out and laid out for packing
7667. Making a "need to get" list
7668. Really good sweet potato lasagna
7669. Great time talking as a family
7670. Teaching how to talk and take turns
7671. Watching "Narnia" together
7672. Watching the kids and Jim play and wrestle
7673. Jamey practicing his "I" verse on his own
7674. Lillian singing her "J" verse on her own
7675. Hearing God's Words come out of my kids' mouths
7676. Smooth bed time
7677. Jim getting to work along side Andy with member care
7678. Getting my testimony typed up for class
7679. Frozen individual pizzas
7680. Getting some more written in my story
7681. Diapers getting washed before going to bed
7682. Jim feeling the baby move
7683. Great nights sleep
7684. Sleeping until 8:30
7685. Cheese grits
7686. Kids being excited to do school
7687. Kids running upstairs to start school
7688. Using every opportunity to teach
7689. Remembering that teaching God and His Word are more important than anything else
7690. Jamey finishing book 2 in "Developing the Early Learner"
7691. Both Jamey and Lillian doing well with there book work
7692. Figuring out how to teach both at the same time in a productive and efficient way
7693. Doing more language arts with Lillian
7694. Jamey writing his spelling words
7695. Write boards and erasable markers
7696. Kids still excited to do puzzles
7697. Reuben learning to do harder puzzles
7698. Doing a couple Russian lessons
7699. Kids playing outside together
7700. Great lunch
7701. Good conversation over lunch
7702. Learning to discern God's will among confusion
7703. Hanging laundry
7704. Jim having a good class
7705. Learning some interesting things about Hebrew
7706. Having a husband who teaches me what he is learning
7707. Getting all of the kids clothes packed for next week
7708. Teaching Jamey how to pack
7709. Letting Jamey pick out a few other things that I had forgotten to pull out to take
7710. Finding Lillian another scarf to wear
7711. Getting some of my clothes packed
7712. Staying a head of the game
7713. Seeing how a little work each day makes things go smoother
7714. Nice rest time
7715. Productive afternoon
7716. Getting needed emails written
7717. Working on blog posts
7718. Reading a couple of things
7719. Pancakes for dinner
7720. Chocolate syrup
7721. Getting out of the house in a timely manner even alone
7722. McDonald's McChicken
7723. Dollar menu
7724. Water aerobics
7725. Seeing Jenny
7726. Good work out
7727. Lots of pregnant ladies
7728. Seeing Cade and Amy
7729. Meeting with Loren
7730. Hearing the testimonies of the ladies in my Discipleship class
7731. The uniqueness of each story
7732. God never working the same way twice
7733. Salvation
7734. Getting to the SWI library before it closed to get a couple of books
7735. Leftover apple pie and cool whip
7736. Early bed time
7737. Getting up with the alarm
7738. Making it through the morning without eating
7739. Not throwing up
7740. Seeing the baby
7741. Blood draw not hurting at all!
7742. Getting everything needed filled out for insurance discount
7742. Getting to the house at the same time as Gidget
7743. Hanging out with Gidget, Silas and Margo
7744. Great conversation
7745. Being able to go outside for a few minutes
7746. Learning and growing
7747. Being able to clearly explain my beliefs
7748. Exchanging thoughts and ideas
7749. Article about C.S. Lewis
7750. Really yummy sandwiches for lunch
7751. Jim having a productive morning
7752. Jim being done with classes (only 1 final left)
7753. Jamey engaging Silas
7754. Reuben's sweet strong hugs
7755. Good rest time
7756. Jim napping well
7757. Lying down for a few minutes
7758. Frozen pizza
7759. Time to write some
7760. Watching Jamey, Lillian and Reuben playing together
7761. Gabriel watching his siblings intently
7762. The laughter of children
7763. Showing the kids a picture of their new baby brother or sister
7764. Jamey's excitement over the baby
7765. Jamey now wavering a little on whether he thinks the baby is a boy or girl
7766. The blessing of life
7767. The blessing of children
7768. Seeking
7769. Opening 2 and a half cans with a horrible can opener
7770. Really yummy casserole
7771. Having food to eat
7772. Having an electric stove and oven
7773. Refrigerators
7774. Gabriel eating enough for 2 babies
7775. Great bath time
7776. Jim getting off to work smoothly
7777. Jamey seeing Jim out the door
7778. Gabriel watching Jim leave
7779. Snuggling with Gabriel for a few minutes
7780. Packing kids books for the trip
7781. Kids excited about the trip (praying they're still excited when in the car for 7 hours)
7782. Smooth bed time
7783. Lots of time to write
7784. Becca typing up some of my story for me
7785. Having over 42,000 words!
7786. Beginning the end of the book
7787. Getting to see my dear friend, Ashley Wells on the news sharing her story about adopting her 4 kids
7788. Having another productive day in a different way
7789. God's faithfulness to His people
7790. God having different plans for us every day
7791. Going to bed after a long wonderful day
7792. Getting up this morning
7793. Snuggling with Lillian
7794. No plans for the day
7795. Finishing the Gospels
7796. Reading more of Jesus's teaching
7797. Being reminded of how amazing Jesus is
7798. Hanging out with my kids
7799. Gabriel beginning to stand on his own
7800. Reuben's big hugs
7801. Jamey's fun imagination
7802. Lillian running around
7803. Kids eating lunch well
7804. Talking and laughing
7805. Early rest time
7806. Taking a mild nap
7807. Restful day for all
7808. Talking with the kids throughout the day
7809. Learning how to do different things when home by myself
7810. Growing in trusting God's strength
7811. Jim sleeping well
7812. Shrimp and green beans for dinner
7813. All 4 kids eating up their dinner
7814. Amaretto creamer
7815. Coffee
7816. Kids asking to watch different things that are more wholesome
7817. Seeking to reduce TV and change what we watch when we do
7818. Andy fixing our dryer
7819. Getting caught up on laundry
7820. Getting a little more written
7821. Kids seeing Jim off to work
7822. Talking to Lillian about taking fears to Jesus
7823. Otherwise smooth bed time
7824. Getting a few minutes to work on the computer
7825. Becca fixing my toe nails
7826. More writing
7827. Reasonable bed time
7828. Waking up with the kids
7829. Getting going with breakfast
7830. Cinnamon rolls
7831. Really cold weather
7832. Good heater
7833. Jim getting home safely
7834. Getting ready for church in a timely manner
7835. Having a car for really cold mornings
7836. Kids being excited to go to class
7837. Seeing Melanie
7838. Worshiping in song and prayer
7839. Learning more about Jesus's miracles
7840. Hearing Pastor Jonah preach
7841. Being challenged at how we look at all suffering
7842. Learning how to look at suffering through God's eyes without being trite
7843. Getting home from church early
7844. Leftovers for lunch
7845. Jim getting a good nap
7846. Becca having a good morning
7847. Early rest time
7848. Time to rest
7849. Packing some
7850. Watching the kids play together
7851. Reuben making us all laugh
7852. Frozen pizzas
7853. Listening to Jamey and Lillian singing Bible verses
7864. Seeing God's grace in Jamey's life
7865. Jamey using manners and speaking politely without being reminded
7866. Jamey sharing his blanket with Lillian on the sofa
7867. Jamey growing in sharing
7868. Reuben growing in sharing
7869. God's grace in Reuben's life
7870. Hanging out as a family
7871. Jim wrestling with the kids
7872. Lots of fun
7873. Smooth bed time
7874. Praying with Jim
7875. Early bedtime

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