Monday, November 18, 2013

Ashley Wells

Today I am so thankful for my friend, Ashley Wells. She is such a real and honest person, who loves the Lord and seeks to follow Him daily. She is about to adopt 4 children into her family and I would encourage you to go and read more of her story on her blog. The journey God has taken her through has been very challenging, but she has come out more Christlike and is still growing in His character. We do not get to see each other often enough, but every time we see each other it is encouraging and a breath of fresh air. Having 4 children I have an understanding of her struggles, but I always say, I was able to ease into my four, she got her 4 all in one day. But that is who she is. I'm so blessed to have Ashley in my life. Please be in prayer for this family as they adopt their kids on Friday!

God, thank You so much for Ashley and what You have taught her and so many others through her story. Thank You that she is finally adopting the children she has been praying for for so many years. You are a great God and I know You have great plans for her and her precious family. Be with them as they transition to being a family without the system involved. I know they are all anxiously awaiting this day!

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  1. What a gift you are to me! And you are right, we don't see each other as nearly as I would like!!!!