Tuesday, November 26, 2013

National Novel Writing Month

This one may seem silly to some, but I am so grateful for National Novel Writing Month. I have been working on a novel for about 15 years and have been wanting to finish it for quite some time. In fact if you read my monthly updates, I had mad this a goal for the year and all but given up on it. I found out about this group on our church writing group page and it peaked my interest. When I learned Gidget would be going it as well I said, that's it, I'm doing it and going to finish my novel before the end of this year (and hopefully before the end of November). I was unable to go to most of the write ins, but Gidget and I had a few of our own and I have done a lot of writing when the kids are resting or in bed on the weekends. The goal for these novels is 50,000 words and currently I am over 43,000 typed (I have some more written that I will type later). God is so good at orchestrating things to help us accomplish the goals that He has for us. I know what I'm writing now will need a lot of revision, but at least it will be finished!

Thank You, Lord for National Novel Writing Month. Thank You for this time to work on a story You have helped me work through over the years. May many be encouraged by it and seek You as they read it. May it bring You glory!

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