Wednesday, November 13, 2013


I am so thankful for the Seminary Wives Institute at Southern Seminary. This program is designed to teach and train women for serving in ministry along side their husbands. It is a unique program geared toward ministry preparation with a wide variety of classes from Essentials overview and Leadership to specialized classes to focus on parenting, marriage or overseas work. You can take a few classes than are in your interest range or complete 13 to 17 units for a certificate. I have been so blessed to take nearly 3 1/2 years of classes and plan to finish in the spring. In my time I have had the privilege to take:

Cross Cultural Ministries
Embracing Femininity
Leadership Skills 1 and 2
Biblical Parenting
Old Testament/ New Testament Survey
Redeeming the Time
Introduction to Biblical Counseling
Family Life Conference
Raising Healthy Families
A Closer Look at the Old Testament: Amos
Essentials 1 and 2
SBC 1 and 2
Lessons in Prayer
Introduction to Biblical Interpretation
Discipleship 1 and 2

I plan to finish with Marriage and Family and Baptist Beliefs in the spring. I have learned so much from these classes and am thankful to have this opportunity.

Lord, Thank You for this program to help wives prepare for ministry. Thank You for the people who value our training and have put many hours into preparing this program for all who attend. It is such a blessing for those of us preparing to serve.

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