Sunday, November 3, 2013

October 28 to November 3

6901. Getting out of bed
6902. Coffee
6903. Getting a little school done
6904. Reuben going to the store with Jim
6905. Free Chick-fil-A lunch
6906. Learning more about God's work around the world
6907. Hearing the different ways and the different places where God is working
6908. Kids doing really well with a long afternoon
6909. Getting homework done
6910. Being able to lie down for a little bit
6911. Jim making a yummy dinner
6912. Jamey and Lillian loving to learn more all the time
6913. Kids wanting to watch educational shows more than non
6914. Reuben putting Jamey's shoes away for him
6915. Hearing the kids sing Bible verses
6916. Listening to the kids singing about being changed
6917. Great Truths coming from Jamey's mouth on a regular basis
6918. Seeing the Holy Spirit at work in our family
6919. Getting to school early
6920. Time to look around the bookstore a few minutes
6921. Kids excited about class
6922. Kids having time to play
6923. Great class
6924. Hearing sensitive issues discussed in a Biblical manner
6925. God's goodness
6926. God making men and women differently and the beauty of that
6927. An hour to talk and share
6928. Getting across the street without drama
6929. Smooth bedtime
6930. Commercials that make me laugh
6931. Nice evening with the hubby
6932. Having a husband who seeks to be more like Christ consistently
6933. Growing in communication
6934. Everyone sleeping until 7:30am
6935. Getting out of bed not long after
6936. Coffee and Grits
6937. Talking with Becca
6938. Playgroup
6939. Hanging out with Gidget
6940. Hanging out with Caroline
6941. Silas playing with the other kids the whole time
6942. All of the kids playing well together
6943. Seeing growth
6944. Fun conversations
6945. Planning times to write with Gidget
6946. Getting excited about (hopefully) finishing my book
6947. Eating and drinking without issue
6948. Gabriel attempting to play in the playground
6949. Walking
6950. Eating lunch
6951. Drinking water
6952. Resting for a few minutes
6953. Getting a head start on the prayer list
6954. Working on some blog posts
6955. Being inspired to write more
6956. Seeking to honor God with my writing
6957. Emailing Ann
6958. Yummy tortellini soup
6959. Starting to get trip plans finalized
6960. Reading my chapter for Discipleship
6961. Being reminded of the importance of telling people about Jesus
6962. Becca brushing and braiding my hair
6963. Finding out friends are a day away from getting there little girl!
6964. Community Group
6965. A couple of the guys bringing Chicken pot pie
6966. Really yummy cookies
6967. Laughing together
6968. Planning dinners and testimonies
6969. Great conversation about Jesus and rules
6970. Great conversation about God's sovereignty
6971. Great time of prayer for each other
6972. Taking time to pray for those who lost their homes in a fire a block away
6973. Discussing how to step into service in each other's lives and outside community life
6974. Wrestling with expectations and where my heart is
6975. Getting out of bed
6976. Being able to do school with the kids
6977. Learning more with the kids
6978. Jamey asking questions about what we're learning
6979. Finishing My Father's Dragon
6980. Getting extra school work done
6981. Great discussions about Jesus
6982. Kids voicing that we will talk about God and the Bible before any other school work
6983. Resting with Jamey
6984. Finishing worker lists
6985. Getting some blog posts written
6986. Getting all of my story thus far typed up (I write long hand with pencil and paper)
6987. Getting all of my SWI homework done
6988. Having a very productive day both with the kids and individually
6989. Reading my Bible
6990. Jim meeting with Cory
6991. Jim making a yummy dinner
6992. Watching some of the World Series
6993. Talking with Jim
6994. Growing closer together
6995. Sleeping until 8:30 and feeling mostly rested (the second part has been such a struggle lately)
6996. Coffee
6997. Gabriel throwing up on my so I got a few minutes alone with God in the shower
6998. Being reminded of the need to purposefully worship God everyday
6999. Learning more about God changing our minds to match His
7000. Doing what we needed to do even with a kink in the morning
7001. Kids playing outside in the rain without complaining
7002. Getting most of the school work for this week done
7003. Getting a decent amount of cleaning done
7004. Hot dogs
7005. Having conversations with Becca throughout the morning
7006. Cool weather
7007. Getting blog posts written
7008. Finding decent pictures
7009. Productive afternoon
7010. Pancakes with chocolate chips in them
7011. Water aerobics
7012. Good challenging conversation
7013. Great exercise
7014. Being in the water
7015. Mocha Frappacino
7016. Meeting with Becca
7017. Finding out Becca goes to Sojourn!
7018. Potential for continuing accountability
7019. Encouraging conversation
7020. Being able to speak into each other's lives
7021. Being challenged in knowing the Gospel well
7022. God helping me to learn and wrestle
7023. Time to laugh
7024. Jim's kind words and assurance
7025. Jim's patience with me as he listens to me voice wrestlings that sound crazy
7026. CSI:NY on Netflix
7027. Sleep
7028. Donuts for breakfast!
7029. Getting ready for Women's prayer
7030. Great time of prayer
7031. Remembering the persecuted church
7032. Meeting someone else having similar struggles
7033. Eating a whole sandwich and chips at lunch
7034. Great conversation
7035. Good rest time
7036. Taking a nap (apparently I needed it)
7037. Black bean casserole for dinner
7038. Gabriel eating a lot
7039. Watching Jamey and Reuben play and wrestle together with laughter
7040. Jamey and Lillian acting out movies together
7041. Listening to my kids' imaginations
7042. My kids growing up together
7043. Kids asking to play outside!
7044. Smooth bedtime
7045. Getting 703 words written in my book
7046. Typing stuff up
7047. The ability to write and type
7048. Watching a movie while working
7049. Great productive evening
7050. Sleep
7051. Not having any funky dreams!
7052. Snuggling with Jamey
7053. Gabriel moving to the kids' room
7054. Having a low key day with the kids
7055. Playing outside with the kids
7056. Productive rest time
7057. Writing 1324 words today
7058. Getting a clearer picture of how I want my book to end
7059. Laughing with the kids
7060. Using every opportunity to teach my kids
7061. Reuben "saying" Roman's 3:23
7062. Reuben singing "Jesus Loves Me" on his own
7063. Kids growing in Scripture memory
7064. Growing in Scripture memory
7065. Learning how to seek God in all things
7066. Yummy dinner
7067. Fun conversations
7068. Laughing
7069. Jim getting lunch for tomorrow together before work
7070. Having a great husband who works hard in all things
7071. Jim getting an extra hour at work tonight
7072. Getting some things done
7073. Helping Bec with her speech
7074. Getting word counts uploaded on the NaNo site
7075. Growing in gratitude
7076. Becca getting to go to the women's conference today
7077. Learning to change perspective
7078. Becca being here to help with sick babies
7079. Hopefully getting a little extra sleep tonight
7080. Jamey and Lillian sleeping until 6:30 (I realize it was 5:30 with time change but this is a blessing)
7081. Getting to sleep most of the night
7082. Movies to turn on
7083. Jim being able to stay home with the sick boys
7084. Jim getting a little extra rest
7085. Being able to take Jamey and Lillian to church
7086. Sitting with Alia
7087. A great sermon on the Holy Spirit
7088. Jesus promise that the Holy Spirit would fill His people
7089. Being encouraged to trust and call out to the Spirit
7090. Catching up with Ann
7091. Thinking of questions for developing advocate teams
7092. Yummy lunch
7093. Reuben and Gabriel doing better
7094. Becca getting pictures taken for class
7095. Jim and I going to the missions cookout
7096. Meeting new people
7097. Hearing about more ways of living on mission
7098. Asking questions about schooling overseas
7099. Praying for workers
7100. Hot dogs and chips
7101. Really good pie
7102. Catching up with Natalie
7103. More emails for women's prayer
7104. Meeting more women interested in learning and talking more about childbirth
7105. Leftovers
7106. Fun family evening
7107. Playing and wrestling
7108. Feeling some little movements
7109. laughing and talking
7110. Smooth bed time
7111. All 4 kids going to sleep around the same time
7112. Movie night with Jim
7113. Being together
7114. Low-key evening
7115. Always learning

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