Saturday, November 16, 2013


When we moved to Louisville, I found out Sojourn had a playgroup on Tuesday mornings. I am so thankful for this group. It has changed a lot since we started going, but it is usually a really refreshing time to talk with other Sojourn moms while our kids play together. In the summer we typically go to parks which also allows us to meet people from the community and share God's love with them as our kids play with them. We are so blessed to have an indoor playground at our 930 building so we can still meet and play when it is raining or really cold. It is great to have something consistent for the kids to do with others during the week. If you are a Sojourn mom come to playgroup. It's great!

Thank You, Lord, for Sojourn's playgroup. Thank You for the fun, laughs and encouragement that comes from being around Your people. 

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